Thursday, September 23, 2010


In the lunch room at my work people bring in their old celebrity magazines and I was flipping through one of them this week and in a "Life and Style" magazine I saw this AMAZING INVENTION!!!!
It's a "pet high chair" - can you believe it! I WANT ONE - I cannot believe that I have not come across this miracle of engineering before in my life time - it's available for order online - and it is made for dogs like Buttercup.

Before my Dad moved in with me - Buttercup's bed used to be ON the dining table and she used to eat on the dining table - but can you imagine how amazing it would be if Buttercup had her own SEAT AT THE TABLE? That would be TO DIE FOR! I must have one of these things! Christmas is only like 3 months away.

I think I'll order one for all my small dog friends. It's only like $50 american. Totally doable. Beauty!

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  1. NO KIDDIN - I can so see Buttercup in her glory - but you will have to get her a tiara too eh ... wink