Monday, September 27, 2010

The end of the story for Brindi the dog

Brindi the dog was seized today by Animal Services.

It is the culmination of events that began when Francesca Rogier adopted Brindi from Zonda MacIsaac from Celtic Pets in June, 2007.

I've been reading through the hundreds of emails tonight that Francesca sent me after Brindi was initially seized back in July of 2008 - trying to make sense of this story. It's gone on for so long. There are definitely no winners and no losers.

Brindi is going to die now. There's probably no question about that - Judge Alanna Murphy said on April 30th - when she convicted Francesca of the 3 charges that she had been charged with - but also gave Brindi's life back to Francesca - that any further altercations - would mean the death of Brindi.

"I do not think I'm overstating the likely outcome to suggest that Brindi would be destroyed if there was a further incident" (page 16 of Murphy ruling 4)

And that has now happened. And there is no one else to blame at this point - HRM has really bent over backwards - I think they really have - they gave Francesca training, they gave Brindi back, they let her be - they gave her - her life back. And there was another incident.

I can tell you what Francesca will say when she does talk though.

This is what she will say - because she has already said this is several places - she's already set it up. She's going to blame it on the muzzle - and on other people. It's not her fault - it's the muzzle's fault, it's HRM's fault for making Brindi wear the muzzle - the muzzle made Brindi feel like she couldn't defend herself. Francesca said that Brindi was attacked more than 7 times within 2 weeks because of the muzzle.

I don't know how a muzzle makes a dog jump out a car window though. That will be a tough one to counter-attack. We'll have to wait and see. There's a lot of people who will have to be sued now. I'm sure I'm pretty high on the list.

I really thought that Francesca had left and taken Brindi with her - or at least gotten Brindi out of the province - away from the prospect of being seized by HRM Animal Services - but I guess she didn't. I can't imagine what the scene was like today when they came to seize Brindi for the 2nd time. It must have been awful.

Good luck in your next life, Brindi...

Here's the article from the Chronicle Herald tonight -

Brindi the dog back in custody

By EVA HOARE Staff Reporter
Mon, Sep 27 - 7:30 PM

Brindi the dog is back behind bars.

The dog that has been at the centre of controversy for two years was seized Monday by animal control services officers for the Halifax Regional Municipality along with the RCMP, sources said.

The seizure came almost two weeks after the dog allegedly attacked a neighbour’s beagle/Labrador retriever mix on East Chezzetcook Road as its owners walked their family pet.

Shaune MacKinlay, spokeswoman for HRM, would not comment on whether Brindi was taken by animal services.

“We can’t confirm that Brindi was seized,” MacKinlay said in an interview Monday evening.

The Mounties deferred questions to Halifax Regional Police, who weren’t immediately available for comment Monday evening.

After the alleged attack in mid-September, the owners of the beagle/lab mix laid a complaint and animal services investigators have been looking into the case ever since.

Francesca Rogier, who owns Brindi, then laid her own complaint against the beagle/lab several hours after the scuffle.

Sources said the dog allegedly attacked by Brindi received puncture wounds to the neck and required treatment by a veterinarian, but no one at animal services, the municipality or the RCMP would confirm those reports.

Brindi was initially ordered euthanized by animal control back in 2008 after she attacked another dog. But Rogier waged a lengthy and expensive court battle with the municipality. The dog was just returned to Rogier, under several conditions, in mid-July.

In an email to this newspaper shortly after the mid-September incident, Rogier declined comment, citing the investigation.

The next steps in the process weren’t clear Monday evening.


  1. Dammit!

    It doesn't matter who is at fault (and trust me, I 100% believe it is Rogier's fault), the only one to pay is Brindi.

    And the saddest thing about this whole mess? Rogier will NEVER get that. Ever.

  2. This is so sad really because it did not need to happen. the Judge tried to do what she thought was the right thing and give Fran another chance. Unfortunately it turns out the right thing would have been to rehome Brindi. Too late for that now.

    Fran fought long and hard and to have allowed this to happen is unthinkable. To think that I actually thought she would take care of Brindi once she got her back, even though I did expect this outcome, I hoped I was wrong.

  3. Such a sad/horrible ending. Too bad Brindi couldn't have had a chance with the right people who knew how to handle/train/deal with a dog like her. Doesn't sound like she had a real chance to improve in the situation she was put back into. Hope she (the owner) doesn't get more animals.
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica's Mom

  4. A responsible owner would have complied to a legal order and would have worked to PROVE and then IMPROVE their OWNERS 'failings' - the onus should be on the owner not the DOG ... Instead we have clearly witnessed a total failure by Brindi's owner to ensure that she cared for the welfare of Brindi.BOTH the owner and the system haved failed. This case is not unique .. but it is targic - there will be no just resolution UNLESS somehow the LAW will allow Brindi to find a true home ...

  5. Brindi, I am so sorry that once again the one who's responsibility is was to protect you has failed so miserably. In your short life you have been dealt too many blows and deserved so much more than this. I don't know why the humans who held your precious life in their hands did nothing but betray you

    Your life was worth fighting for, every day, every hour, every minute. Yet those who worked so hard to show the faces of dedicated rescuer and loving owner spared none of that effort for you....the victim.

    My heart truly breaks for you and my disgust for your so called owner is only outdone by my deepest hope that whatever is done to you now is done with loving kindness.....that the hands that hold your life realize the injustice.....and that for once in your life you finally are free from betrayal.

    From the heart,

  6. Anonymous9:29 AM

    How disappointing and awful. I was really, really hoping it wouldn't come to this.

    The only thing I can hope for now is that Brindi's death won't be in vain. That someone out there will be affected by her story and change the way they treat their own dog.

  7. Yes, the fanatical supporters of the owner--who viciously attacked anyone who suggested rehoming (and I do mean attacked, no holds barred) also have blood on their hands. I hope they are satisfied! Two short months--incredible. But they have probably moved on to the next "cause" where they can vent their emotions, exercise their talent for purple prose and inundate someone else's innocent secretaries (who sure 'nuf didn't seize Brindi) with foul-mouthed calls and packages to open containing plastic dog poop. People are still living in tents in Haiti & the Fran-right-or-wrong supporters are buying (handcrafted! absolutely realistic!) plastic dog poop to mail to the Mayor’s Office?? Well, I hope they are happy—but they have probably already moved on.

  8. Hmmmmm.....So many times before I've seen people and animals tried, convicted before all the facts are out. I agree Rogier's is probably not best dog owner and has exercised poor decision making but she is condemned by so many. Trust me there are far more evil doers on the planet. She may exercise poor judgment and didn't follow the rules but lets review.

    Remember that little hell hole called Celtic pets that Brindi was an inmate at up until June of 2007. Well everyone threw their support behind Ms. MacIssac when that case broke just like they did with Fran and Brindi. The truth eventually came out but where do you think the better place for Brindi was at the time?

    Fran at least battled it out in the media and spent the money. given that debt, criticism and scrutiny. She may have done some things wrong but I think her intentions are for her dog.

    Does anyone have video or witnesses to the incident on the 14th. Im sure HRM animal control will have to due a full investigation before a decision is eventually made.

    Who knows what the agenda of the accusers are?

    With this case being such high profile HRM would have no other choice but to take the steps they are taking when the complaint was made.

    What if in fact Brindi had her muzzle on?

    Sorry I just don't like to convict before all the facts are in. Yes I don't argue the history leans in favor of wrong doing but it is an isolated incident and needs to be treated as one.

    I too took home a fellow inmate from Celtic pets a few years ago that some are familiar with (Zues who is still going strong) and he has dog aggression issues as well. We have been lucky that he has responded to training and have only had a couple of minor incidents. In some cases I think dogs are gonna fight and as long as there is no really damage can we just relax a bit.

    I can relate what it is like to have a dog with aggression issues that you take home later in their life and don't know their history. It is not an easy thing to do becasue things happen sometimes in your control, sometimes out of your control . Lets just hope that if Brindi is not at fault here, as small as a possibility it may seem , that it is recognized and she is either returned or given to someone that recognizes her special needs.

  9. Hello there Hurricane Earl - I appreciate your heartfelt comments - but would it make a difference to you if I told you that Francesca calls Zonda MacIsaac a good friend and they are each one of their biggest supporters? Francesca says over and over that Brindi came out of Celtic Pets after living there for 2 years completely unscathed - these were her words "Brindi made it through two or more years at the shelter in Cape Breton. She came out well-adjusted, no fleas, no worms, no problems at all"

    Would you have said the same thing about Zeus?

    Zonda MacIsaac is indeed evil - and Francesca had maintained a friendship with her - and you might not realize that - from the tone of your comments - I don't think you know that. If you know that - and you still stand by your comments, then I would be a little bit confused.

    You are right - there are a lot of animal abusers in this world - and they do a lot worse types of animal abuse. Horrible things are done to animals - but you can't compare apples to oranges.

    We are talking about responsible pet ownership - you are a responsible pet owner because you realize that Zeus has certain proclivities. I also have 2 dogs who have the same problem. In the 8 years I've owned them - they have never had a negative encounter that have caused Animal Control to knock at my door.

    There's a reason for that - and there are thousands of dog owners out there like you and me. It's because we are responsible pet owners. We take measures to make sure that we keep our pets safe. We train, contain, and leash our dogs.

    And if you can't do that for your pets - then you are not a responsible pet owner - and if you break bylaws and negative encounters happen - you may have to face the consequences - and that is what is happening to Francesca Rogier.

    Yes - much worse things happen everyday. But that has nothing to do with what's happening to Francesca.

    I'm really interested to see what you think of my response.

  10. I also would like to comment on Earl's post.

    I applaud you for stepping up and becoming Zeus' new family. I couldn't have been happier when I finally heard the news. You may not remember but I contacted someone who had been connected to Celtic, prior to the revelation, in order to find what more information I could for you on his history. I understand your effort to be non partisan, let the truth speak.

    I too am owned by a Celtic dog. She came to me highly dog aggressive to the level that she would launch herself at the window of the car upon seeing one at any distance while we drove. She would move from window to window snarling and slamming herself into the glass until it was out of sight.

    I had no back up, no trainer made available to me, no background or training in rehabilitating a dog with issues. But I knew the moment she came into my care that it was MY responsibility to ensure her safety and the safety of those other dogs. So we worked, every day, three times a day, for eight months. Thank heaven for forgiving neighbors, who bore the sight of a thrashing, snarling, foaming rottweiler......many of whom spoke kindly to me of my efforts and also began to help us through gradual, limited exposure to their own pets. They did this because I had the opportunity to explain to them why she responded in this manner and what she needed to learn.

    In other words, I took my responsibility to her seriously. Due to her breed, I also was responsible for ensuring that she became a good example of the natural temperament of her breed rather than a target for BSL. As her owner I became responsible for her LIFE in all aspects.

    Five years later, as she nears the age of twelve, she still does not approach an open door without at least my hand on her collar. As a very people dog she welcomes all......yet because of 'what' she is, she is not always a welcome sight to those who do not know her. Wildlife is a constant around our home and she will do her best to follow them through the woods. She has become great mates with many of the neighboring dogs now and given the chance will trek off to visit them.....but the chance of someone, again, who doesn't know her calling animal control or god forbid, trying to run her down or shoot her, does exist where we live.

    I do not need Animal Control or the Court to tell me what I should have done or should be doing......because they will never have a reason. I have the obligation, responsibility and duty to ensure her safety and protection and I have always and will always take that very seriously.

    Did Brindi's owner not get that after the first, second, third and subsequent encounters? Did she not get it after the muzzle order was issued? Did she not get it after her long drama, when the judge informed her of the likely consequences should it happen AGAIN?

    I'm sorry but this is not "an isolated incident and needs to be treated as one". "She may have done some things wrong......" but her intentions were no where near FOR her dog.

    I also was one of those who campaigned on behalf of Z & A when things started to fall apart. In fact I posted a plea on a country wide forum soliciting support and voicing my own. Until the evidence was starting to be brought forward I was a staunch supporter for the people I thought were being maligned. To condemn 'rescuers' seemed sickening......until the ugly truth was revealed.

    That Brindi has spent only two months under the so called 'care' of her 'loving' owner, to find once again a repeat of confirmed history is, I believe, more than enough evidence to safely say FR is not only incapable of being a responsible owner of a dog with issues, she has never accepted or lived up to her responsibility for the life of the animal entrusted to her care.

    Differences aside,
    please give 'Zeus' a hug from Sasha and myself.

  11. May we all have learned something positive from the life of Brindi. I will continue to wish for a miracle for her - in this case mAybe death will be her savior.

  12. I really wish you people would get off your high horses and help Brindi to live. If you are animal lovers like you pretend to be then get together and help this cause. Brindi isnt dangerous to society and you all know that. You have all made mistakes with your animals and probably your kids too. Nothing is mistake proof. Because someone has an unfortunate accident, you all sit here and bash her and call her skills as a dog owner down. She has done nothing but love Brindi since day one and has done everything in her power to keep her. Would any of you spent that amount of money to keep your dog from being put down. I doubt it, but you sit there in your cozy little homes with your dog at your feet looking your noses down at Franseca for making an unfortunate mistake. I would imagine this comment will be deleted because it doesnt conform to your idea of what things should be. I dont agree with you and I think you are all just a bunch of gossips that think you are better than everyone else. When it happens to you onedeay, and something will, I hope you remember how you treated this woman and Brindi.

  13. Friend of Brindi - I don't know if you actually read the post I wrote - but it's not up to us in our cozy little homes what happens to Brindi - what happens to Brindi was up to Judge Alanna Murphy - she was the one who let Brindi live - and she did. She gave Brindi back to Francesca Rogier with the caution that if there was another incident of aggression that she would most probably be seized again and killed.

    And a couple week's ago, there was another incident that was reported to Animal Control. That incident is still beint investigated by Animal Control - and if a judge deems that Francesca Rogier let Brindi act aggressively - then Brindi is going to be killed.

    There is nothing that you, me - or anyone else can do. The only ones who have any control are the judge, and Francesca Rogier.

    I don't know why supporters of Francesca Rogier can't understand that.

    So you can condemn me all you want - but I certainly have nothing to do with the life or death of Brindi. Sorry.

    I worked very hard to have the bylaw changed before it came into effect - and then when it came into effect - me and a whole bunch of other dog owners warned people about it's danger - but I am not the overseer of every reckless dog owner in the HRM.

    If you're looking for a scapegoat - every other dog owner in the HRM - are not the ones you should be looking to.

  14. Dear FriendofBrindi:

    re "She has done nothing but love Brindi since day one and has done everything in her power to keep her."

    I must disagree. It certainly WAS in her power to keep Brindi. It simply required her to follow Judge Murphy's conditions: put Brindi's muzzle on anytime she was not inside the house or her fenced run.

    Not hard at all. It simply required knowing that, however she personally felt about muzzles, Brindi's very life depended upon her following, not her own inclination, but rather the Judge's order.

    A simple choice. We all know how she made it.

  15. None of F.R.'s web pages have been updated to reflect the current situation. I think even she is having trouble putting a "spin" on the current situation that isn't going to make this look like her fault. Which of course it is. Pity that Brindi has to pay for F.R.'s negligence.