Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A couple comments

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I had an email last night from a friend who after hearing the news about Brindi emailed me the following -

"I take solace in the fact that she someday soon will she not have any more lonely moments and will sleep in peace forever.It's the only way I can allow myself to feel.Brindi does not understand why she is locked up in a cell today and dogs suffer loneliness so much.She is not to blame and has suffered enough.Just hope and pray the decision is right away.There have been enough delays and publicity."

That is something that's being forgotten about - Brindi is once again sitting in a cage alone, and at Homeward Bound Pound - it's not like she was at the SPCA - she's definitely in a cage 24 hours a day. She has no idea why she's there again - forgotten and alone.

And it occurred to me last night that perhaps Francesca agreed to surrender Brindi because HRM has agreed not to kill Brindi immediately - that they are going to fight it out again in the courts.

I can't imagine another 2 years like the last 2. Especially from Brindi's viewpoint.

I really hope I'm wrong.


  1. I agree with your friend's comments. My heart goes out for Brindi who is the real victim, and really hope for her sake that the decision will be made speedily. I, too, hoped that Brindi would be at the SPCA, a place she called home for a long time and were she was treated kindly. At least she would be surrounded by familiar things now.

    If Karma is just, Brindi will get the most awesomest owner in her next life - and Ms. Rogier will be reborn as her own dog.
    Imagine if Brindi's owner had looked around to ensure that nobody was in the proximity of her home before she opened the car door to let Brindi out - allegedly. Nothing else but that and Brindi would not sit in alone in a cage today. But not even that she was able to do.

  2. Amazing, but not really. The story you swore you'd never write about again. The case you staked out at the courthouse. The woman--who, if her life were in ruins or if she were dead, you'd rejoice. So very Buddhist. So very human. So very Joan "I have no integrity" Sinden.

    Karma? What makes you think you know about karma. It is not a pop societal thing to be thrown around by people who think they know what it means. Maybe Google "karma" and only use the definition you find on a bona-fide Buddhism web site. Karma is not "justice," silly. Neither is it "your come-uppins."

    Check your ignorance at the door when making judgments about a fellow human being...if that is at all possible for any of you. Who made any of you people judge, jury and executioner? Or do you think you are God. Joan will, most likely not publish this. Who cares?

    You don't have innocent until proven guilty up there? Just gossip and daggers? I get it.

  3. Oh yes, Jeff de La Rosa - the man that Francesca brought into my life - the stalker from California who is a predator of women - how is Ashley doing? Have you successfully sued her yet and ruined her life at least? I don't imagine.

    I was wondering when you'd show up here again.

    You mean nothing to me, Jeff - you don't scare me one little bit.

    Have you gotten any new dogs - illegally yet? What a maroon.

  4. Oh yeah, and I should ask - how is STU?

  5. This is not a discussion forum, is it? If you have questions for me, you know where to find me.

    And who, exactly, is trying to scare whom, Joan? I don't see anything like that in my comment. Paranoia, fear, jealously and spite...all in the same bag of personality and behavioral defects. Get yourself checked out...or checked in---again :)

  6. You're so funny, Jeff - you have certainly tried to use the comments section of this blog as a discussion forum in the last 2 years - that's for sure. And you're right - I'm all kinds of crazy.

  7. Quote of the day:

    "You've don't have innocent until proven guilty up there? Just gossip and daggers?"
    - Jeff de la Rosa

    I'd like to counter with......

    "When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck."
    - James Whitcomb Riley

    "When you piss into the wind, expect to get wet"
    - my dear father

  8. Jeff de la Rosa and Francesca Rogier--what a pair. They really are two of a kind. He was on her Special People List, was he not?

    Yes Sylvia, that came to my mind too—it seems a no-brainer to walk down the drive and have a look-see in both directions.

    Whatever AC may have SAID, Joan,(perhaps to avoid having to use force) is there any way people would stand for that woman to flounce in and out of court, give interviews and beg for more money for another two years??

    Has anyone leveled with the supporters? Told them that what she protested was a freak occurrence & could never happen again, DID happen. In two short months. And all the money they sent was wasted.