Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today's Atlantic Small Dog Rescue Yard Sale & Barbecue!

This is Spencer - who is being fostered by Atlantic Small Dog Rescue - me and Buttercup met him today at the yard sale and barbecue out in Windsor Forks - he's got a racing stripe on his nose just like Buttercup does!
These brothers are also being fostered by ASDR - Levi - and my brain has already forgotten the other guys name - but they were seriously cute. Unfortunately my pictures today were as shitty as my memory was too.

But at the point that I was there - they had already raised almost $200 - so that was a good thing - and at least I got a photo of that! haha! The lady who hosted the event, the blonde lady on the left, Sandra - has a beautiful property - so it was a great day for the dogs who came - a huge fenced in yard to fun around and play in - her 4 dogs are very lucky.

This is Buttercup fretting that someone (aka another dog) was going to get too close to me and might be coming home with us - which is a real worry at an event like this!!!!
Here is Tara with her newest dog - a chinese crested - Blondie.. AKA Debbie Hairless, and her friend's cane corso Kano - the designated large dog at the event!

You can also find Atlantic Small Dog Rescue on Facebook if you didn't click on the link at the beginning of this post....

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