Friday, August 27, 2010

Grossest Thing EVA - What lurks under the labels on cans

When I came home from work this afternoon, this can was sitting out on the counter - my father had thought we'd have spaghetti for supper and had pulled this can out of the cupboard - but it had this protuperbrance sticking out of it - and thank dog he didn't use the can.

Upon further investigation - underneath the label - there had probably been about about a 3 mm slice in the can - but when we bought the can it wasn't noticable -
so THIS THING has been growing up in our cupboard for like the last two months.

Can you imagine? GROSS!!! It was LITTLE WORMS!!! And it was eating the spagetti sauce inside!

How many cans do we eat of stuff though that have little pin holes that allow air in - and these things to begin to form and we don't see it because it's underneath the labels, and we open up the can and don't notice?

My tummy is a bit upset this evening.

I found this once before - in a can of cat food - in the kind of can that's a "flip top" can - you can tear off the top - and the top of it was full of little worms. And I figured it was also from a pin hole in the top of the flippy bit.

Canned foods have gone way down on my list of good things to eat today....


  1. Okay, we very rarely eat canned food. After this, I'll eliminate it altogether.

  2. I'm with you Silvia. Dis-gusting.

  3. wow ... that is disgusting!