Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OT: Where's my Goat?

I was really lucky to go to the University of King's College here in Halifax, so I met a lot of creative people while I was there - and one of them was Chris Richardson - who I've met up with in the last year through Facebook - and he has become a film maker since we left university - twenty some years ago.

For the past couple of years he's been making a documentary called "Where's my Goat" - and he has let me watch it - which was a really big thrill for me. The premise is - a lot of have been giving ethical gifts in the last few years because our consumer society has become so meaningless - who needs another pen and pencil set with your company's name on it when your company is giving Christmas gifts - so his Production company started giving out goats as gifts instead of other promotional "swag" - but when someone questioned whether or not those goats were actually real - Chris questioned it too - and as a film maker - he thought it would also make a great film.

And guess what - it did! So now the movie is made - and it's going to be released soon - it's going to have it's Canadian Premiere on the Documentary Channel on September 21st - which also happens to coincide with when that channel is having a "freeview" period - so if you've got cable - you'll be able to see the documentary!

You can follow updates for the film on their Facebook page, twitter updates

I know that some people who read this blog will find that giving goats to people in developing nations around the world isn't the best idea - so here's a link to a blog post from another blog that gives links to different organizations that the blogger describes as "cruelty free international development organizations". Just to give you a choice in your ethical gifting...

Congratulations to Chris and his company on a really great movie!! I'm sure it's going to be super successful!

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  1. did Chris Richardson live in Middleton for a time?