Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A nice day to go to the beach

Today me and the dogs went to Crystal Crescent Beach
I've been wanting to go for awhile, but things just haven't worked out, and the part of Crystal Crescent that I go to disappears at high tide - so the timing has to be right - and today the timing did - so off we went
It was interesting though from past times that we went to the beach - I can really tell that the dogs have gotten old -
Usually when we arrived Charlie and Daisy would immediately start running and around and wrestling with each other and just acting crazy happy - but not today - as soon as we got there and got down to the beach - all Charlie did was lay down - like as if the long walk from the car was enough exercise for him and he was done.
Daisy was up for having some fun - or at least she was up for having some treats - the first shot at the beginning of this post is what Buttercup did a lot of - rolling around in the sand - she had a blast -
but Charlie was just interested in laying down
so that's what he did
Buttercup had a good time though
It really seems like Charlie is in pain, I'm not quite sure what to do about him, everytime I try to give him glucosamine or any of that kind of stuff he gets the shits like you would not believe.
This is Daisy after she had buried 1/2 a salmon sandwich that I had just given her because she'd been such a good girl - while we were at the beach - a couple people arrived with 2 labs - and Charlie and Buttercup went off barking like crazy at them - but because so many people are afraid of Daisy at some point a few years ago I just gave up having her interact with other dogs - and what I have done with her is what everyone should have with their dogs - a drop dead recall (and yummy salmon sandwiches) - so instead of running up to them she came back to me - but because before I got her she was left to starve to death - instead of eating really high value items, she buries them - so if you go to Crystal Crescent Beach - and you're hungry - there's a really yummy salmon sandwich buried in the sand there right now!
This is Buttercup and Charlie working their way back down the beach from having barked at the people with the labs...
It took them quite a while to work their way back.... they are really old dogs.... overall it was a good day though...

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