Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost dog in Quinool Road area! UPDATE FOUND!!!!

UPDATE on Monday afternoon August 23rd, 2010 - Sirius has been found! He was found on Quinn Street - it was posted on their facebook group at 2:30pm - so he must have been fo und shortly before then. Yay! Good news is nice on a Monday afternoon.


Saturday August 21st - I got this email from Christine Greening who owns the pet store Bark and Fitz on Doyle Street in Halifax - a dog has gone lost in the Quinpool Road area Saturday night:

Sirius, the little black poodle who belongs to my groomer Sarah, got spooked and took off from a house last night around Quinpool.  Sarah is just beside herself with worry.  He is 2 years old, a friendly little dog, hair cut like a schnauzer, and wearing his name tag which includes a phone number as well as his HRM number. She has called HRM and will be calling the radio stations, but if you could help by sending out a general FYI to your emailing list or blog, we'd appreciate it.  ANY cross posting you can do would help!

If anyone finds his, they can call the store at 406-3489.

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  1. They can also call 789-0900 or 877-2850. the first being the Owners # for after hours as the store closes at 6 on Sundays.

    Thanks Joan