Saturday, August 14, 2010

GPAC's Dog Day's of Summer

Today me and Buttercup went over to Musquoidoboit Harbour to see what the Greyhound of Atlantic Canada's kennels were like because they were having their 20th Anniversary celebrations
They had a really good turn-out - there were a lot of greyhounds there - they've adopted 1000's of greyhounds to the Atlantic Provinces in the last 20 years - they said how many today - but of course as soon as they said, I immediately forgot the number, because while they were talking about it, they were also passing out anniversary cake - so all I was thinking about was getting cake! On their website though they say they've adopted out more than 2,600 greyhounds though in their history - making them the "#1 Adoption Program in the Maritimes and Newfoundland"
They also had teeth scaling, nail cutting, a silent auction, and a "blessing of the hounds" - so there were tons of fun stuff to do - I bid on a couple of items - but I haven't gotten a call - so I'd bet I was overbid by a couple of dollars at the end - there's always somebody doing that. I hate it when people do that. ggrrr.
The facility was beeeaauutiful. Beautiful. It is the home of the founder, Jeanette Reynolds - and the kennel is built on the property. Since I had Buttercup with me I couldn't go down into the kennel area, but there's a shot below that I'll describe a bit.
This is down by the water - I'm going to assume this is Musquoidoboit Harbour....
I didn't introduce myself at this table, but my friend Pat who had a therapy dog emailed me to say that there might be a pet therapy greyhound there named Train - so I'm going to assume that this guy's name is Train - who was absolutely lovely, and gentle - especially when Buttercup tried to eat him for coming too close to me.
Now this is the outside run of the kennel area - part of it, anyway - there's also a side ways area as well - there were probably about 10-12 dogs out at this time - and they were all muzzled too, which was interesting. There were a few dogs there with muzzles on, so I had a chance to talk to some dog owners who muzzle their dogs regularly - because greyhounds as a breed sometimes have to be muzzled in public because they are known to have a high prey drive - so as a precaution, sometimes their owners muzzle them.
Some dog owners claim that their dogs are more prone to being attacked when their dogs are muzzled - but I find that very strange - because it seems to me if that is true, then all the pit bull type dogs up in Ontario who currently have to be muzzled every time they go out in public - would be constantly being attacked - because they all have to be muzzled in public; a lot of greyhounds have to be muzzled when they go out in public - dogs have to be muzzled for a lot of reasons when they go out in public - so why would one dog be attacked seemingly every time it's going out in public - it just doesn't make sense.

The people I talked to today said they've had no problems with their dogs in public wearing muzzles. Nobody notices. Not other dogs or people. I found this interesting.

I also went and visited and visited a lady who I've corresponded with on the internet for the last year - but finally got to meet today - Dorothy, who has a cottage here, but lives in New York
She has a beautiful cottage in Porter's Lake and Buttercup had a fabulous time there!
Buttercup had a great time down on their beach - she used to love going down to the beach at my Dad's cottage at White's lake - but he sold it last winter, so she hasn't been able to get her toes wet in any fresh water so far this year - so she had a chance to finally do it today. She definitely enjoyed herself this morning.
It was a beautiful cottage - some people are very lucky to have cottages on the water, and then just down the road have the ocean too - the best of both worlds!

And here's one last thing - I got an email today from Trish who does lab rescue - on August 25th they're trying something new - speed dating! It's going to be August 25th at Gullabull's Bar Spring Garden Rd - and they've got an event page set up on Facebook - so go check it out!


  1. Glad you went and did a blog!! I had to totally miss it as I am sitting a senior sweetheart. So I can only leave her for short periods.

    What a great setup they have. I totally agree with their assesment of muzzle wearing. I muzzled one of my dogs and she never had a problem from other dogs because of the muzzle.

    We will have to take the dogs to Martinique Beach some day. I love taking Nells there.


  2. I'm so happy to see a blog about Dog Days of Summer! (Which reminds I should write up mine soon... Lazy me!)
    I'm a greyhound owner as well and it's just very special for me to see that so many others are taking an interest in what we do. Thank you for giving your time to spend out with us - and Buttercup too! Shame I didn't run into you, though I'm sure I saw you around!

  3. love this post as I am definately a fan of the giant sight hounds! the muzzle arguement just goes round and round in a vicious circle so no sense trying to rationalize it.

    Buttercup should come to Crick hollow to see if "roughing it" suits her style. everyone is most welcome!

  4. I see you are directly linking to my tweet and suggesting that I am not telling the truth. Call me a liar again, and you will find out what happens to people guilty of libel. And guess what? I don't have to sue you.

  5. I see you are directly linking to my tweet and suggesting that I am not telling the truth. Call me a liar again, and you will find out what happens to people guilty of libel. And guess what? I don't have to sue you. Might wanna think about a muzzle for your own snout.

  6. Hi there,

    I lived in NS for many years and spent a couple of those years volunteering with GPAC. I moved to NB in 2003 and continued volunteering with them and finally got a greyhound of my own....they do a wonderful job at GPAC, and love what they do. We stopped volunteering with them when we were transfered to NY.

    The muzzles on the greyhound are for their protection and protection of the greys around them, not to protect others. Greyhounds have incredibly thin, tight skin and the slightest scratch can quickly turn into a gaping wound that is very difficult to repair or heal because of the thinness and tightness. When greys get together they like to run and play like any other dogs. Often this play is mouthing and chasing each other (they love to chase each like on the tracks)! This can be very dangerous to their skin, even though they're not being rough or agressive their delicate skin can not take even the slightest damage!

    I've never had to muzzle my dog except for a couple of meet and greets with other greys promoting GPAC. Even if I take her muzzle out today, years after her adoption, she runs right over to shove her face in it! She loves it! You see, she associates the muzzle with going to play with other greys!


    I don't think Francesca should be accusing anyone of libel after what she's posted on her Facebook site. Francesca, pleas spend more time taking care of your dog and less in libeling those who don't agree with you.