Friday, August 13, 2010

Daisy has been immortalized in paint

One of the biggest friends to local rescue - Tracy Jessiman, who I first met a couple years ago when she sent me the same packet of information about animal abuse that she'd sent to the Globe and Mail and Rodney MacDonald and Federal politicians - hoping to get them to enter into dialogue with her about the lack of protection for companion animals.

Unfortunately - she didn't get anything back from the politicians but form letters - but Tracy has kept up her letter writing since then, and has had a lot of letters published in the Chronicle Herald, which is great - and I got to meet a true advocate for all animals - which is something I've come to treasure.

And this week - I got something else to treasure - this beautiful painting of Daisy - Tracy has been making these beautiful paintings - and has been having some of them showing at "Julien's French Bakery" in Chester - with all proceeds going to the Animal Rescue Coalitions

I think she perfectly captured Daisy's smile, and her spirit. What a beautiful job!

On another note - if you're going to be out and about tomorrow (Saturday August 14th - Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada is having an event over at their Kennel in Musquoidoboit Harbour - there's going to be tons of fun stuff going on - me and Buttercup are going to go over and check it out.

I've never been over to the greyhound kennels before, and I've always wanted to go over and see what it's like, so tomorrow we're going to go see what's there - we'll report back tomorrow night!

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