Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2nd Chance Charity donates $1,000 To NS SPCA!

It was a very happy day today for 2nd Chance Charity volunteer Tracey Durling, (with shelter manager Kathy Thomas) - Tracey happens to be a staff member at the Dartmouth SPCA - also known as the "Provincial shelter" for the Nova Scotia SPCA - when she donated $1,000 to the charity - which is the money raised from the sale of gently used clothing that 2nd Chance has at their stall at the Harbourfront Market on Canal Street in Dartmouth.

I also happen to be a volunteer with that organization - so I am very happy that we are able to donate the money to the SPCA.

It is just one of the charities that we fundraise for - we have also helped out Pick of the Litter, and "TAPA", and we have some neat ideas in store for organizations if they want to raise some money for themselves - so stay tuned!

You can check us out on Facebook at 2nd Chance - Charity for Animals

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