Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today's Bark-b-que for Animal Rescue Coalitions!

Me and Buttercup went to the "Bark-b-que" that was put on today for the Animal Rescue Coalitions by a lady named Drakaina Muse - she and her crew raised more than $230 today - so that's a lot of hot dogs I'd say! So kudo's to her for helping the animals of Nova Scotia - and I'd say a good time was had by all - the little dog in this picture's name is Snoopy - he was adopted by his family at the Vancouver SPCA they said - and they were told he's part schnauzer and part beagle!

This guy's name was Happy! He (or she) certainly looks happy!
And this was their 4 month old sibling Jersey

This little girl is the manager of the Dartmouth SPCA's beagle Lilly!
She was officially the hungriest dog at the function because she's currently on steroids - and everyone who owns a dog knows that steroids make dogs very very hungry - so she was literally vibrating - combining beagle with steroids and a barbecue - poor Lily!!!
These are a couple of dachshunds that were there - Mimsie and Willow - they were barkie, but that's okay - Buttercup let them live anyway.
I didn't get this weimie's name - but he (or she) was stunning, don't you think?
The province's best dog trainer Silvia Jay made an appearance at the function, much to everyone's delight - here she's talking with Heather Morrison who owns Nells the leonberger...
And this is Lisa with Brosa eating a hot dog
And here's another shot of Brosa - Lisa is also way more efficient than me and already has her blog post up of today's event too!
The intrepid Chronicle Herald reporter Pat Lee was also at the event - the Chronicle Herald's office are just down the hill from Flynn Park - so Pat was able to tear herself away from her office for a couple of minutes to make an appearance - so most of the good shots in this blog post were actually taken by her - including this shot of me and Buttercup - so thank you very much Pat for agreeing to let me use them! It's not very often that my face actually show up on this blog! haha!
And here is Nells the leonberger again!
Here is one of those dachies again, Mimsie - I was sitting next to them - so I guess I must have taken more than one photo of them - I particularly liked this shot because he (or she) looks just SO intense!!
And here is Buttercup - saying WHY AM I ON THE GROUND!!!! IT'S NO WONDER I'M BEING FORCED TO ATTACK ALL THESE DOGS!!!!Here is one of Janet Chernin's dogs - Maximo!! I have taken many photos of Maximo through all the stages of his puppy hood until now - he should really have his own category on this blog he's been here so much - he probably will get his own category pretty soon.
And here is his Mom - Janet Chernin - and Netta Armitage, the president of Animal Rescue Coalitions - who had just been ordered to smile!
These are the ladies who had been slaving away cooking the hotdogs all afternoon finally taking a moment to eat one themselves - and that is the exact moment when I chose to take their photo!
And these are the very nice ladies who provided the live music for the afternoon!
And this was the tireless organizer for everyone's fun! Drakaina Muse - I'd say that everyone who was there would say thanks very much to her!

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  1. It was a fun time wasn't it. Great thanks to Drak for putting it together. Nells and I had a really good time and are pleased to hear ARC will benefit to the tune of $230!