Friday, July 2, 2010

Super trip to Antigonish

So Buttercup and I had a super trip to Antigonish - Buttercup was on fire she had so much fun
This is the boat we went for a cruise around Antigonish harbour on - it was for about 3 hours and Buttercup had no problem with it whatsoever, she loved it.
This is me and Buttercup on the boat - basically she spent the last 24 hours being carried around by me, so that's probably why she had such a good time!
I think I also got my photo for Canada Day next year yesterday too! haha!

Now this was a house that we cruised by that was huge and lovely and I said WOW what a beautiful house! And my cruise mates said - "Yes, that's Joe Stewart's House - you almost stayed there - it's a bed and breakfast" - and I said "you mean THE Joe Stewart?" - I used to know a Joe Stewart who owned Pizza Delight restaurants a very long time ago in my previous life who had several pages in Stevie Cameron's book "On the Take" -
but now he and his wife own one of the "top 20" bed and breakfasts in Nova Scotia"!
And then just across the harbour there's another property that has a PLANE at the water's edge - don't tell me there's not a little bit of money in Nova Scotia.

This is Buttercup getting her head in a shot

And this is a couple of the ladies I was going on the boat tour with...

The next part of the day involved lobsters and dogs - here are the lobsters when they were still alive, and I never knew this - but when they are all in a bundle like this - they make a noise. I never knew that - they sound like little computers.
Here's one of the little guys, I called her Fifi.
And then here she was all cooked up and red. She tasted very good.

This is me attempting to take a nap at one point, I was unsuccessful though - but Buttercup had a very good time continuing to do her job - that she always takes very seriously of protecting me against any incoming marauding dogs who may want to get any type of affection from me. She is on guard 24 hours a day. Every dog should have a job, and that is hers and she is always on duty - and the dogs yesterday all knew it.

This was the backdrop of the backyard we were in for the afternoon - and the dog here is Nova - who regular blog readers have seen several times in the past - Nova pops up regularly with her brother Dakota who was also present yesterday afternoon - the only dog I didn't get any pictures of was the resident dog Rusty who for some reason did not want his picture taken by me, which I was very sad about.
Here's a couple more shots of Nova
She is SO photogenic - I love to take pictures of her
And here is her brother Dakota who is a basenji who was feeling very Canadian yesterday.
And here is Sante who is a regular on the blog and who I absolutely love - all dressed up for the day - and looking very happy about it!
And this is why she loves it so much - because her Mom loves her for it and gives her tons of love and appreciation!
What dog wouldn't love to get dressed up when she's got such a happy Mom giving such good feedback to her for doing such a great thing for her!
And here is Sante when she's naked!
And then lastly we stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast last night - which I'm going to make a separate blog post about because I want Google to index it properly because I'm going to title it "dog friendly Nova Scotia bed and breakfast" and I took a couple pictures of it - but here's a couple pictures of the resident dogs -

These are 2 of the rescue dogs living there - this was the shepherd mix and the lab mix playing and having fun!

And here's the lab mix on his own being beautiful

And then the shepherd mix being beautiful, which was not hard to do because he was one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen.

And then when I woke up this morning there was actually a rainbow outside. Can you believe it? Unbelievable.
This was the last of the sunset last night outside the bed and breakfast, it was awesome -

And this is it again, punched up a bit.

It was a great 24 hours, that's for sure. There is a bit of a sad note though, one of my best friends Maureen - brought her dog Mitzi, who's she's been nursing for a long time 24 hours a day - and the trip to Antigonigh, last night at the bed and breakfast - made her realize that it was time. Mitzi was ready, and even though Maureen was never going to be, she knew that the time had come - so today she was super brave and let her go. I feel very privileged that I was able to spend a little time with Mitzi in her last days. She was a quirky little dog who kept walking straight right until the very end.


  1. Looks like a wonderful and well deserved break! The ladies throw a darn good party!

    So sorry to hear about Maureen's Mitzi.. that's a great loss. Hugs to Maureen!

  2. wonderful! loved all the pics!