Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Nights All Right

So yesterday me Buttercup and Jackie went back to the Westwood Hills Vet out in Tantallon to learn how to give Jackie his insulin shots - he wasn't too impressed with the whole commotion, that's for sure - but he didn't seem to notice being poked by the needles too much which was a good thing.
Dr. Richardson explained to me about glucose in a dogs blood and how it goes up and down through the day and how to feed Jackie and that if I doesn't eat I can't give him his insulin and stuff like that - luckily I also have diabetes, so some of the finer points I already understood - and after we got home my friend Maureen came over and gave me better needles to use with the insulin so that they aren't quite as long as dog insulin needles - although today I had to go to 3 pharmacies to actually find them - but I eventually did, so I'm well stocked now.

Jackie goes back on Tuesday to stay at the vets for the day so that they can track his glucose throughout the day - hopefully that will be the last time he has to be at the vets and go through any discomfort for this.

It may just be my imagination, but he does seem to have perked up in the last day since he's been getting the shots - hopefully it'll last.
This is Buttercup in the room with us - even in the vet's office she doesn't like it when she's not the centre of attention!
Here's some shots from the house tonight - here's Jackie - for the first time in weeks telling me that he wants a treat! And since he was acting happy and like Jackie - I was very happy to oblige!
And here he is not being asleep - which is a very good thing.
And here's a shot of him getting some love from me, which I am very glad he actually seeks out.
Here's a shot of Daisy out on the deck tonight -
Even my shed was looking good -
And here Buttercup watching me taking pictures of Daisy and Charlie out on the deck - once again being unimpressed that the focus is being taken away from her.
Charlie always looks perfect
And for good measure - here's a shot of Whisky the cat!


  1. Glad Jackie is doing better. Lucky to have you. Enjoyed the pics in the post.

  2. Super happy for you and Jackie - keep us updated on how he is doing? Are you minding giving the needles? where do you give them- in the neck? It's twice a day isn't it? will that change with time?

    Hugs to Jackie