Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buttercup, good groomers, and Queensland Beach

I took this photo today of Buttercup
This photo was taken of Buttercup in 2003
And this photo was taken of Buttercup back in 2003 - it really struck me today that Buttercup seems to be going through some pocket of renaissance where she has recaptured some bit of her "youth" again - if you can call it that - because she was old when I got her - and she is seeming to have a really great vitality again. I don't think you can really tell too much difference between these 3 pictures - but the difference is that in the first picture you're looking at a SIXTEEN year old dog and in the 2nd and 3rd picture you're looking at a nine year old dog.

She continues to amaze me. I really wish she could live forever.

Today we went up to try out a new groomer up beyond Hubbards - and I think it went really well - and she has said that she will take on Jackie, which is great - and the grooming only cost $35 - in the city here it typically costs $60 for a grooming - so it's worth it just for the cost alone!
And since we were up in the area - I thought I'd stop off at Queensland Beach to take a couple pictures - I'd say that Queensland Beach is probably the worst beach in Nova Scotia to take a dog on.
It is RIGHT NEXT to the road - with no fence, no boundary - nothing. In the summertime - when it's nice out, it's wall to wall people on their towels with children everywhere - not good. That's probably because it is so accessible to the road.
But today since it was shitty out - we were the only ones there - there were a couple of cars in the parking lot of old people looking out at the ocean - but other than me and Buttercup there was no one on the beach - but even with no one there I still wouldn't let Buttercup off leash because the road was just too close - and Buttercup does not leave my side.

And for a person who is always on the lookout for beach glass and neat rocks - Queensland is big zero on that count too - the beach is completely clean - which I'm sure a lot of people would like, but for me - that is just so boring. But luckily for me - there's tons of beaches that to me are perfect - lots of rocks and junk that nobody goes to way away from the road - shangri-la.


  1. The road between Hubbard and Head of St. Margaret's Bay is one of my most favorite drives in NS. We did Queensland Beach last year on an equally shitty day and we actually liked it. Of course, on busy days it'd be too crowded for us to have fun.

  2. Buttercup looks amazing & very energetic. 16 yrs old- Fantastic.
    loved the pics. We like the beach too.

  3. It's so funny, I used to go to this beach daily in the summer when I was a little girl (18-19 years ago) and when I drive by now, there's NO beach left! We used to go early to get a good spot, and then move our way closer to the rocks as the tide came in. Now you start out AT the rocks...what happens when the tide comes in? I haven't been there in oh... 10 years? But have driven by it on my way to Mahone Bay and it's always surprising.
    Buttercup looks like she loves life. The only difference I see in the pictures is she has gotten fuzzier :)

  4. love seeing the pictures of Buttercup on the beach--especially the first one. she looks the same as her nine year old pictures! what a healthy, happy, senior lady!

  5. She looks beautiful, Joan,and I'm glad you found someone to groom her. I had a feral cat that none of the vets would see, except for Dr. Bail of course, who to me is the 'cat whisperer' and is amazing. Buttercup's looking good!!! Georgie is going on 18 and still sometimes makes me laugh because he looks (and acts) like a pup. =)
    Glad also that the diabetes isn't proving too horrible on the two of you. Once she's getting those shots every day the two of you will be pros and it will be like giving her dinner. :)
    Firefaery I spent my childhood in Fox Point and can say the same thing about Fox Point Beach. We go by now and it's nothing like it used to be!! My dad used to say that the fellows from CFS Mill Cove used to go in with front end loaders and rearrange the rocks so there would be more beach, but I think he might have been fibbing a bit. ;)