Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today's SPCA Yard Sale + Flowers

So I went over and had a cruise around the SPCA's yard sale and picked up a couple things, and saw some people I knew - this here is Nancy Northcott and Pat Lee - Nancy is the organizer for all the yard sales and the stall that is at the Harbourview Market - she is one of the hardest working volunteers the SPCA has ever had and has somehow been able to stay committed and above all the politics, which is amazing - and wonderful - she's raised a ton of money for the organization and all she cares about is the animals. She is great. She is one of the unsung heroes.
This is a long shot of the yard sale with all the people perusing the stuff - I even lost my wallet there - but luckily a kind soul found it and I was able to get it back - with all my stuff still inside it - I was lucky to have left it at a dog event, eh? Yea!
It's a little known fact, or maybe an annoying fact - that I like to take pictures of flowers.
I take pictures of flowers and post them here for everyone's enjoyment - or at least my enjoyment!
And right now in my backyard I have the unbelievable - never has happened before - coincidence of having some buttercups growing! Can you believe it? So today Buttercup was chewing some grass next to a couple of said buttercups - so I attempted to take a couple photos. For some reason she was feeling a bit cantankerous - she is a diva afterall, and some days she actually does not like having her photo taken - even though I have taken literally thousands of photos of her - but some days she says - "I don't FEEL like giving you that money shot today"
And I just have to patiently sit a way's away from her and let "it be", as it were. The buttercups will still be there tomorrow, and so will my Buttercup and I, I hope.

Some of these photos were taken with my I-phone - the ones that look all "fancified" are I-phone photos - I love my I-phone.
This is a shot of the sky taken with the I-phone
And this is a shot of those afore-mentioned buttercups.
These are some pretty flowers that grow in what I was trying to cultivate as a "pooping area" when I first landscaped my backyard, but for some reason the dogs never pooped exclusively in the very expensive area that I made for them - maybe they knew that these flowers were going to grow there and they didn't want to kill them.
We also had a fire in our chiminea today - we got rid of a lot of wood, which was good - although I think I'm wheezing a lot tonight, but it was worth it.

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