Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Funny Cartoons

I love it when my friends send me these funny pictures with the captions - I especially loved this one - it is just TOO cute. Can't you just picture this little dog munching down on some flavoured lip gloss? I don't know why my guys haven't eaten some of my raspberry flavoured lip smackers - I suppose it's because the washer and dryer always gets to them first. haha!


  1. Very funny, indeed. I also like the boxer cause it reminds me when Baywolf tried to make kids feel better with his slobber. We had a toboggan hill behind our house, and kids playfully "falling" off their sled always got checked out by a concerned, but drooling Newf in their face.

  2. Extremely cute! The dog with the gloss has pink feet like Delta did when she ate the "candy apples" from the Christmas tree!

  3. Ah I just love your photos - they made me roll on the floor!
    <3 Miss Kodee @ Bark'n About