Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Cuteness & A new blog that's going to be SO CUTE!!!!

I am 3/4 of the way through Buttercup's haircut. I am not as resilient as professional groomers are - so I can only handle about 15 minutes of Buttercup being cantankerous with the clippers at a time, so I spread the misery out over several sessions - I still have to give her a bath and then finish her back legs, her pooping area, and clean up the body area before she's completely groomed - but she is looking very cute in the facial area. Sometimes I think that when I clip her she looks even cuter than what groomers do because I actually clip her the way I want her to look. Damn, she's looking cute now.
Here's a couple shots of Jackie tonight - you can really tell in these pictures that he can't see - they were taken right at sunset, so I don't have any lights on in the living room yet, and his eyes are all bugged out trying to figure out the shadows in the room - he's sitting down right next to me - and he's trying to listen to see what's going on - he had just gotten out of his bed underneath my desk.
It is hard to watch when someone you love completely loses some faculty that has been fading for a long time - and it finally goes - at least it waited until he was 16 years old - that's pretty good considering how his life has gone for him.

On very happy news - a lot of us locally know Lisa and her dogs Delta, Brosa and Oscar - they have started posting regularly to a blog that they have! I have posted about Lisa and her dogs regularly on this blog - and I've told Lisa over and over that she should start her own blog because her dogs are completely photogenic and she's always having great adventures - and she regularly fosters for Boxer Rescue Atlantic - so she's always taking in regular new dogs that add humungous hi-jinx to her life - so I am super happy that she's now going to (hopefully) be letting us into her world a little bit. I can't wait to add her blog to my regular surfing. Thanks Lisa!! The blog is at


  1. Poor little Jack. :(

    Buttercup is looking very cute. I just took Oscar to the groomer earlier in the month for the first time in the almost 6 years I've had him (the first visit to someone who volunteered to do it resulted in 2.5 hours of torture for him, so I vowed not to do that again). His legs/feet have never looked so good, ha ha! I should write a blog with the pictures of one of his haircuts last year...

    I'm looking forward to blogging - I started it a while ago but since I was happily using FaceBook, I never bothered with the Blogger.


  2. The bottom pic is quite funny. Looks like the dog is all head and no body ! Enjoy your Blog. Just got the link from Joan's page.

    Best wishes, Sybil