Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feel like some philanthropic retail therapy?

Today I was volunteering again at the Harbourview Market on Canal Street in Dartmouth for "2nd Chance Charity" which is run by Nancy Northcott - 100% of the proceeds go to charity in the HRM - principally the NS SPCA, but some goes to other charity's as well - some money goes to feral cat groups like Taking Action to Protect Animals and other groups that need it - some money is going to be helping the little dog "Mindy" that's recently come into the news who was horribly abused and needs help.

What Nancy needs is volunteers to man the booth on the weekends - and if you've got 4 hours to spare in the morning or afternoons on the weekend and you've got the gift of the gab - it really is a great way to spend some time volunteering - you get to drop off some clothes that you aren't wearing anymore to donate, you get to talk to people who walk by about all the great things there are about rescuing animals - I just stand there for 4 hours and preach the good word about rescue to anybody who will stand there and listen to me - so beware if you're at the Harbourview Market when I'm there! haha!
And you also get to know that all the money you're taking in while your there is going 100% to help animals that need it. It really is an awesome way to volunteer your time if it's something that interests you - especially for those of us who used to work in retail - I personally spent a few years while I was in University working in retail selling clothes - so it makes me feel like I'm 19 again - selling clothes and merchandising - so much fun!

So if this is something that interests you - you should email Nancy Northcott - you won't be disappointed, it's a great way to volunteer to help animals without having to spend time in a shelter - a lot of people would like to volunteer yet are afraid to spend time in a shelter because they worry that they'd find it too depressing - well this is the perfect way to help out the SPCA without having to go to the shelter - and also without having to get involved with politics too! Yea!

So email Nancy Northcott at and you can go sign-up for a shift at their sign up page a - and start having fun - it's no pressure, and you'll find some good bargains too!

Today while I was at the market I went on the hunt for a stall that my friend Pat had told me about - a guy who made cat trees and dog beds that were really, really good - and I found him - his name is Phillip Fehr - and his business name is Flip's Pioneer Wood Designs. He's good a website at
His stuff is really nice and he's at the market every weekend - the SPCA's booth is moving in a couple of weeks and it just so happens that it's going to be moving very close to where this guy is - which is dangerous - because I think that both Pat and me are going to be buying a lot of this guy's stuff if we volunteer at the SPCA's booth too many times! He's got really good raised feeders, nice carpeted dog beds, and a lot of stuff for cat owners - on his website he's got a slide show of all his products - and he has got a lot of products for cat owners - which is rare these days - ususally everything is geared for dog owners, so I'm sure he does really well with cat lovers.
I really liked his indoor dog and cat houses - little places for the animals to hang out inside - as well as houses for out on the deck - he's got a lot of good ideas, so if you're at the Market - you should definitely drop by his stall - when you're also shopping at the SPCA's stall too!

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  1. I'll email Nancy once I am back from Calgary. I can spare some volunteer hours and also have clothes to donate. Great post, Joan