Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wait for it, wait for it....

Snack time is just before bed time here - and Daisy is very vigilant in making sure that nothing falls to the floor or gets wasted, because after all - she is the hungriest dog in the world - and you never know when the next morsel of food is going to come your way.
You've got to be waiting - because at any moment - it could happen - you could get a piece of banana walnut muffin - it might happen, wait for it!

I had to include these couple other pictures I've taken in the last couple days, I thought they were neat - these are Charlie with his eyes looking all wonky - he was doing a head shake - so his eyes were rolling in his head - I guess the older you get, the looser your eyes get!
And I liked this picture of Daisy, I don't know why!

If you're up and around Sunday morning at 8:30 - CBC radio is doing a 1/2 hour documentary on Brindi's story - I have no idea what they're going to talk about - but they've gone around and interviewed a bunch of people - so it could turn out many different ways. If that interests you - you can check it out on 90.5 FM - or on the internet at

And stay tuned for this weekend's blog posts - my friends up in Antigonish who have sent me photos previously of Sante - the entlebucher who has more clothes than me - have NOT let us down with Easter outfits - and they are SERIOUSLY CUTE! haha! Stay tuned for that!

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