Monday, April 19, 2010

Petition for Seaview Park is ready to go

The petition that the folks at Seaview Park were putting up to support them keeping their park open to off-leash use - and to gather support for having an area completely fenced in - is now ready to go - I put a copy on one of my servers at if you want to download it from there.

You can find out more about it from the Seaview crew's blog at - I also made a little section on the side bar of this blog to give it a semi-permanent space here so that you can always have a spot to download new copies to disseminate easily from here too.

Go out and fill - they want at least 1,000 signatures!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the note Joan. Every signature counts. 1 or 10 or 100 they all help! Together as a"dog community" we can make a difference! Please sign one,circulate one, everyone can help. Its time that as doggie caretaketakers we had a voice at HRM council.
    Woofs & Snorts!
    Chandler's Mom