Monday, March 22, 2010

Ticks are out already!

I was giving my cat his nightly man-handling session - which he calls affection, and which somebody else might call "avoid the cat's claws at all costs" - I noticed a tell-tale lump on his neck, and I thought to myself - it's impossible that there would be ticks out this early in the year?

And sure enough - he had a tick on him! And this picture was what was left of him by the time I very badly pulled him out.

I can't believe that there are ticks out this early - so beware - and be aware that they are out there now.

I have a page on my website with information about ticks - if you find them on your dog and you feel so inclined - there's a place you can mail them to, because the Museum of Natural History is keeping track of them and watching to see if lyme disease is making inroads inside the city. Currently it has only been found so far in Bedford. Yuck.

These 2 dogs are just so cute. Doesn't it look like they're having a conversation? Buttercup seems to be thinking about something Jack has just said to her. She's taking a long second, as if to respond.
And now she's responding back to him - "as if I would ever consider forming an aliance with the boy dogs just so I could get better access to the liver bucket"


  1. Two of the cutest bugs in NS (Jack and Buttercup, that is!)
    They are adorable!

  2. Ticks already!? YICK!

  3. OH JUST SHOOT ME - UGH ICK BLECK and JUST GROSS ME OUT! I don't like BUGS at all and neither do my dogs ... okay maybe a ladybug or a butterfly but things that BITE and suck blood- grrrrrrrrrr

  4. just and Buttercup are the cutest gooseberries! yes--ticks are out and ready to feast--they are worse in the valley than anywhere

  5. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I live in Beechville Estates min from HFX and just pulled a very big tick out of the cats neck, all of my cats were treated with Revolution over a week ago?????????? I thought that prevents ticks, worms, fleas etc...