Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Local Models with a lot of Passion

I had an email on the weekend from a lady named Drakainawho is leading a group of local models who have started an initiative to educate people about what is really on the "fur" linings of the coats and hats that you buy at Walmart and other large and small stores in Canada - they're probably made out of cat and dog fur, because it's cheaper for China to put real fur than to manufacture synthetic fur - and it's perfectly legal to import dog and cat fur into Canada - unlike most other countries in the civilized world.

They're calling their media push "We'd rather go naked than wear dog and cat fur" - and if it sounds familiar it should - they got permission from PETA to change it around to suit their campaign.

I think it's an awesome idea - no matter what your political belief's are about fur and meat eating in general - fur that comes out of China is a no-brainer - the way it's harvested is universally known as being horrific. And according to the statistics that Drakaina has provided - 85% of the fur provided on the planet comes from China. That's amazing.
Fur also comes in cute ways too - I took these photos a couple years ago at the Halifax Exhibition park - you see these cute cat thingees everywhere just begging to be bought, people goo gaa over them - but they seem to be so obviously made out of what they're shaped out of.

Drakaina has gotten some great local press - Halifax News Net did an article about her story last month - and she's also built a blog to support her cause.

Last year Liberal MP Anita Neville tabled a Private Members Bill that would ban cat and dog fur products in Canada - Bill C-439. It's nice to see at least one federal MP that cares about animals, isn't it?


  1. Canine Casbah9:27 PM

    Though I am no fan of PETA and their agenda that no animals be companions ...
    I would totally endorse this campaign - kudo`s