Friday, March 26, 2010

OT: Following up with more Jeff de la Rosa

So I need to make another post about Jeff de la Rosa. I'm not one of those people who believes that if you keep things quiet that people like this will go away, so whenever he is harassing me - I'm going to make blog posts about it, because I think that's the only way I'm going to make him go away.

I'm a different breed of person than you're used to, Jeff. I am going to do the opposite of whatever you want me to do.

I received these 2 emails last night - in the first one he's obviously trying to show me that he knows exactly where I live. What a big whoop. Big deal. And the title of the email? "Process server". A "process server" is a person who serves legal documents - like as if he's imminently going to sue me. A person can only be sued - successfully - if they've done something wrong. I haven't done anything wrong - and in fact - I am the person being wronged - so - the title of the email is very disingenuous.

In the 2nd email - he is definitely threatening me. It sounds like he is threatening me that he is going to give out my personal information to people who will steal my identity. And I suppose if that happens - everybody in my internet world will now know who did it, won't they Jeff? I have always been very careful with my personal internet information.

I have also been very careful with my passwords, used computer programs like norton and things like that - so if somebody has hacked into my computer and stolen my personal information - I can only assume it's one person - the person who's been harassing me for the last year - because he has always purported himself to be very computer savvy, that's for sure.

As for my personal information on this blog - there are hundreds of photos of my dogs, other people's dogs - but the closest that you've seen of my family is my father's feet - because sometimes it's impossible to crop those out of the photo. And photos of other humans are only on the blog when they want to be here - well, except for Jeff I guess. But I'm making an exception for him.

Needless to say, I did not email him back within 15 minutes. One of his good friends - Francesca Rogier, left a comment on this blog a few days ago that is interesting - she said "Do you realize that intimidation is a crime?"

She knows the law a lot bettetr than me, at least that's what she's been telling me over and over for the last 20 or so months - and I'm assuming that she means the law in Canada. Maybe she could tell that to Jeff.


  1. Get a clue, Joan. Aside from adding some excitement to your dreary, little life, I have done nothing wrong.

    Identity theft? Really!? You can do that with someone's home address. Who knew? Nobody would want your identity. Get your head out of your ass. Your address just gives people you have wronged the opportunity to confront you. Seems fair.

    Intimidation? Right. I've never heard of a crime called "intimidation" unless it applies to witnesses. I guess you should call the FBI...oh wait, they won't care about you. Maybe the RCMP...oh...they won't care about you either. I have not threatened you. If I had, you would know it.

    I have never wronged you, yet you insist on defaming me and posting unauthorized photos. It's funny. Canada has stricter laws on this kind of crap. I guess that's good for you...

  2. But you see the fucked up thing in all of this is, Jeff - is that - I have not initiated any of. I don't know you from an asshole on the street. You started all of this. YOU are the one harassing ME. YOU stop harassing me - and there's no problems. YOU started this. I had no idea who were. STOP pursuing me, Jeff. From wherever you are. YOU are the one who keeps emailing me. YOU emailed me last night. I did NOT email you. FUCK OFF. Then we will have no problems. That's where the problem lays. Get it? Have a great weekend, Jeff.

  3. We will have no problems once you remove the content. And no, it is you who have "started this," you foul mouthed cretin.

    As as Francesca goes, I have had no contact with her in over a year since I advised her against her "hunger strike."

    So, "this" can and will continue until you remove the content. It turns out, after all, that I don't have to sue you in a Canadian court. I can go right down the street and file either in state court or U.S. District court. Only the amount of the claim determines which court. Why? Besides the fact that you a using a U.S. based company for your defamation and copyright infringement, I'll let you figure that out.

    I offered you an equitable solution. You refuse. So be it. Personally, I look for as little conflict in my life as possible. You, apparently, thrive on it as you have nothing else.

    You get some sick satisfaction from persecuting people whom you have never met. Even Gail Benoit, who got her punishment needs to be further harassed by you? Get a life. You are despicable and a waste of flesh.

  4. people like you get cancer and die slow painful deaths...remember that when they give you the bad news. won't be long

  5. Seems Jeff needs a life!

  6. Yes Jeff, I get it - you want me to get cancer and die.