Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Dog who has more clothes than me

This is Nova - she is a rare greyhound who DOESN'T have a whole wardrobe of clothes, but she has a cousin who you'll see below, who I've been collecting forwarded photos of - actually, I've been hoarding these photos - and I've finally decided that I need to share them with the world - because they are just THAT cute.
This is Nova's brother Dakota - and yes, he does have some clothes too - but he doesn't have near the clothes that his cousin does. I have posted pictures of Dakota and Nova - I've gone to visit them a couple times up in Antigonish, and taken pictures of them - they are totally photogenic.
But HERE is Sante! Sante LOVES to wear clothes! I've talked about Sante a couple times - she's a purebred entelbucher - and she also lives up in Antigonish - this was one of her Christmas outfits - she's looking very serious here - very MODELISH - you know how they like to POSE.
Here she is with her goofy sneakers on.
Now here she is all decked up for winter - with her hat, sunglasses, coat - she's ready to go
Her Aunt went into the hospital for a few weeks - so Sante made sure that she was all properly decked out so she could go visit her - right down to the OR gloves! haha!I guess this day it must have been a bit warmer - because she doesn't have her hat on - but she does have her car harness on, so she was getting ready for a drive!

Now here Sante is getting ready for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day - I'd say she's all ready to go!
Now here Sante is with one of her finest party dresses - I wish I had a party dress like this - velvet!
Sante is the prettiest girl in the room whenever she wears this dress! Yea

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