Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting 2010 off Really Well

2010 has started off pretty well for Buttercup and the other dogs - Buttercup has been seeming to feel really well lately - and was showing it today - giving me some old school shots of her.
In honour of that, I made up a new photo album of all of her pictures that I have of her that I've taken over the years that I call "picture of Buttercup running towards me" - its over 100 photos of - what else? Amazingly happy photos of Buttercup running towards me - if you want to be happy - go look at those photos.

Daisy also was getting in on the act too - and as usual - was about 20 paces in front of her.

Jackie as well would not be outdone today in beauty - and running towards me.

Last night - Jack was doing some amazing stuff too. He laid down in the middle of the living room floor on his back and just started rolling around - and he did it long enough that I was able to go get my camera and take photos of it!
I'm not completely sure that once he got on his back that the rest of the time wasn't spent trying to right himself - I think he might be almost wide enough now that he's become so coffee table like that once he was done with his scratch that he might have become a bit stuck!
He did seem to enjoy himself from start to finish though - so I didn't feel the need to intervene, and just documented the process instead.
And he seemed willing to let me do it -
Even giving me some pretty shots of him at the end - which were very much appreciated by me! Jack is such a pretty dog!
Here's a photo of Daisy and Charlie snuggling together last night too - waiting for the guns and firecrackers to go off in the neighbourhood at midnight - and they were not disappointed - we had almost an hours worth of kids running up and down the road with pots and pans hooting and hollering and fire crackers and guns. You have got to love the great republic of Spryfield!

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