Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We all knew that dogs are the best!

I've gotten 2 articles sent to me in the last couple of days that confirm what we - as, not just ordinary dog owners - but completely obsessed, nutty, dogs rule our lives - dog owners, know - that our dogs are much better at keeping us motivated to do things like stick to a fitness regime, and that - is this a rhetorical question?? - dogs are better than cats!

The first is an article in the New York Times called "The Best Walking Partner: Man vs. Dog" - and it talks about a study that was done comparing people who had humans as their walking mate, and dogs as their walking mate - and after a certain amount of time had passed - it was the people who walked their dog who tended to still be walking regularly.

That sounds good to me - dogs don't tend to fall for lame excuses quite so easily - and those big soulful eyes looking at the front door - even with it's raining - they still want to have their shit on their favourite corner - no matter what the weather is like. The back yard just does NOT cut it.

I have a book called "Fitness Unleashed - a dog and owner's guide to losing weight and gaining health together" by Marty Becker, DVM. It looks like a very good book for those that are motivated to start a fitness regime for themselves and their dogs - I have really got to read that book sometime! I bought it at Bookmark on Spring Garden Road - which is dog friendly!

The second article I was forwarded is called "Dogs vs cats: The great pet showdown" - and it's all about which is better - dogs or cats. The New Scientist magazine took 11 different qualities and pitted cats against dogs to see which one would come out the winner in the end - I'll let you read the article to see which species won, but I think we all know who it was!

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  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    There are days when I'd never set foot outside the door if it wasn't for the guilt I get from the dogs staring at me. Mind you, yesterday was soooooooo cold ... Sybil