Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Miscellaneous Stuff

So I've got a couple things built up, so I thought I'd do a couple miscellaneous items in one post. This was in today's Metro newspaper and I thought it was cute because of the photo - doesn't this dog's smile look kind of "Mona Lisa" cute? Although a dog actually imbibing marijuana is NOT cute. I have been witness to that in the past - and I can tell you that when a dog intakes marijuana - he does not enjoy it - he is poisoned, and it should be treated like that. I saw a dog once eat a "bong" - it may have tasted good at the time - but he was definitely poisoned. And lucky to have lived through the tail. But this guy's smile was very cute none the less. I guess here the punch line should be - do NOT inhale.
This is non dog-related, but I had to put it here - I discovered this tonight at the grocery store - at President's Choice Superstore - and I suppose it would be a "Loblaws" in other parts of Canada - CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED CREAM CHEESE. If a person were suicidal they should put this up on their wall, because it would give them a reason to live. I think it would give me a reason to live if I had nothing left. Really. Chocolate flavoured cream cheese? I hope the person who thought this up at President's Choice got a HUGE bonus for this. When I got home and took the photo - I immediately opened it up and started eating it. And I can tell you - it's DELICIOUS. Go buy several - it's on sale this week - $2.79 a package. Un-fucking-believable. Enough said.
Have I said yet that I've sent off to "DNA my Dog" to have Daisy's DNA analyzed? I mailed it a couple days ago, so I'm now just waiting to hear back what they say she is - she looks like a rottweiller doberman mix - so we'll see what she is.I got a Christmas card from my friend Joan who owns this dog - she had her DNA analyzed - we always thought Lola was a Brussels-Griffon mix - I first took some pictures of her way back in 2005 when Joan was fostering her - but according to her DNA report she's 1/2 shih-tzu and 1/2 boston terrier. Do you see it? Neither do we!! haha!
I was taking a couple photos of my fish, so I thought I'd just stick them in here....
Here's a couple photos of Buttercup being cute on Saturday night -
I got about 80 of them that are just like this, so I thought I'd make a movie out of them - so stay tuned for that!
Poor Charlie - it so sucks getting old. He was to the vet this past Friday - he's got old man elbows - all soft and flabby - and they've gotten all swollen up and filled with liquid from all the laying around that he does. I bet they hurt too. Dr. Carnegy said there's not too much you can do other than keep them moist and let them drain - all over your carpets and floors. Poor Charlie.

There's an article in the Truro newspaper about parvo going around up there - 20 cases in the last year? I don't know if the vet is trying to make some money - 20 cases doesn't sound like very much to me, knowing how much parvo the Cape Breton SPCA puts out - but you can read the article and draw your own conclusions, and do what you like with it. Forewarned is forearmed. Maybe you can just stop going to Truro - after all - they don't seem to like all persuasions of human beings up there anyway - so it might be a good place to avoid anyway.

I got sent the below video today. It's very cute - all about dogs and God. For those of that persuasion, I think you'll enjoy it. It also has an associated website that you might enjoy too -


  1. oohhhh - thanks for the head's up on the cream cheese! President's Choice - yet another reason never to live anywhere but Canada :)

  2. Enjoyed the whole miscellaneous post. WOW chocolate cream cheese.,... Thanks for the video - it is great. Says so much!!!
    Thanks for sharing
    ERnie & Sasha

  3. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Why anyone would shop at Sobeys is beyond me = Superstore and President's Choice products RULE!