Tuesday, December 29, 2009

People who use Kijiji to get puppies

I have several videos on You Tube - more like 93 videos on You Tube, and a You Tube user who has the handle name "terrancelueckgen" just left a comment on one of my videos titled Puppy millers and brokers using Kijiji to sell live animals and he felt it necessary to unburden himself with the following comment:

we got our puppy from kijiji, hes happy and heathy, if it wasnt for kijiji, where would i go to get a kangol shepherd, i say leave kijiji alone.

The spelling mistakes are his, the emphASSis is my own.

His comment intrigued me, so I went to his You Tube channel to see what kind of person would number one - feel strongly enough about his positive experience on Kijiji that he would watch a You Tube video about puppymillers and leave a comment like that, and number two - I was wondering about his dog, and whether or not he had any video uploaded - and see whether or not it looked healthy - and BOY, what did I find?

Under his recent activity - he hasn't just commented on my little video - he's got opinions on other things - Mr. terrancelueckgen also has strong feelings about global warning, because on a video about global warming he commented: "hey retard, bend over and have a look with your good eye, global warming is a farce, a joke, a money maker for the rich, they are fucking us with our own money,,,,,,,,,,grow the fuck up." The video, if you choose to not click on the link - is about KIDS vs global warming.

Mr. terrancelueckgen's own channel features
2 videos that he's shot himself - and the word "shot" is key here - because they both feature him shooting a shotgun - at a target in the distance - but not before it kicks back and whacks him in the nose (Yea!) and a second video where he shoots the gun at a rock in the ground). I guess the dog he bought on kijiji was stuck chained to a dog house in his back yard.

So that's the kind of people who think it's a good idea to buy dogs on Kijiji. Oh shit, that's the kind of people who DESERVE to get their dogs on kijiji. Unfortunately though - those dogs don't deserve those kinds of owners. Keep that dog in your prayers tonight.


  1. Don't you just love riff raff who think they know it all ? Pfffft ! I've had numerous hateful, anti-african comments let on my videos.

    I've had to change it to " approval required" for all comments as some of them were soooo nasty.

    I've even had GB & DB leave their own comments on my videos....none of which I could post as they were personally attacking certain people, vets, and court officials who did nothing to provoke them.

  2. Great post, Joan.
    I love it when you make already stupid people look even more stupider.
    Always feel bad for the dogs, though. Not only did they get dealt a ruff hand by being born to uncaring people who sell on Kijiji, but then they are picked up by another uncaring person they have to live with for the rest of their lives.
    Not everyone who buys on Kijiji is uncaring - but surely not very dog savvy, which make me think that if they don't know how to research breeders, will they know how to raise, feed and train a dog properly.

  3. Marjorie10:05 AM

    Uh, Joan...didn't we all know that already? (snickering)

  4. Yes, restupidifying stupid people is an excellent hobby, and when it comes to Kijiji, there are plenty of targets. www.yousuckatkijiji.com makes a habit of it. Bad pet-sellers aren't off limits.

  5. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Just some food for thought: When we moved to NS a few years ago, my partner and I had been wanting a dog companion very badly for a long time and thought we were finally in a time/place where we could do it. We had good jobs, a decent place to live, and were ready to devote the time to a furry friend. I went to two shelters and made applications; never heard back from either. After waiting first eagerly, then anxiously, then very desperately for several months without a single word from either place, we began looking around at breeders. Turns out they were above our price range at the time -- 800, 900 + etc. (excluding taxes, plus we knew we had to budget for obedience classes as well). But we were desperate and so we ended up finding our first dog on Kijiji. We got him from a family up in Westville whose family dogs had had what she said was its 3rd and final litter. We went to her house, met her two adult dogs, saw the pups, fell in love with one, made the downpayment and the rest is history. He's a great dog and companion! Then we thought it would be nice for him to have a fellow canine companion, in addition to us human companions. For our second dog, we had settled in a bit more and were more able at that point, so we bit the bullet, went to a breeder, and again got lucky with another wonderful furry friend. Never to this day did we hear back from either NS SPCA or that shelter up in Amherst. Buying our first dog from Kijiji was quite a risk, but was our only option at that time, and we got lucky. Or, maybe not all those who sell on Kijiji are bad uncaring people; and maybe not all those who buy on Kijiji are stupid or not 'dog savvy'. Adopting shelter dogs had been our first choice, but apparently we were not good enough to even be considered -- why not? I have no idea, and I guess we will never know. Buying a dog from a reputable breeder is a nice option, but expensive, and not everyone has that luxury. Not everyone who does not adopt from a shelter, or who does not buy from a good breeder, are ignorant, scum of the earth riffraff dog abusers. Maybe other factors are at work. For starters, the shelters around here would seem to need to change as well in order to accommodate people who have the potential to be good dog owners, but may not be given the chance for some reasons known only to the shelter people. And maybe a little less higher than thou judgementalism from the local dog-lovers commmunity would be useful too. After all, dogs do deserve better!

  6. To anonymous who wanted to give food for thought - I agree with almost all your points - my very first dog was from the Dartmouth SPCA - and it was such a degrading, horrible experience that I said to myself that I'd never go back and get another animal from there ever again. The SPCA treated us like we were criminals - we had to prove to them we weren't some kind animal abusers before they'd adopt an animal to us, and I thought that was terrible. My 2nd dog was from an ad in the paper - a back yard breeder - and we were very lucky - it was only a couple years later when I started to get into rescue that I found out what a puppy mill and a back yard breeder actually was.

    I'm totally sure that there are good people who sell on Kijiji - but the thing is - there are absolutely despicable people who sell on Kijiji - and if I was a good person - I would not want to sell my good stuff in the same marketplace as the people selling their hell on earth merchandise. that's the problem I have with kijiji. And most prospective dog owners cannot tell the difference at point of purchase - and therein lies the rub. And that's why that type of marketplace just is not the right venue for selling live animals.

    But I agree - the SPCA has got a LOT to be desired when it comes to their adoption policies and the way they treat the public - I have experienced it myself - more than once I'm sorry to say. And it is not right. They say they are trying to improve it. They say a lot of things.

    I hope this answers some of your questions about this post.

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Thanks for the reply Joan to my 'food for thought'. I understand your point and completely agree with it. I think I am reacting to the tone of some of the comments in this post -- like 'Not everyone who buys on Kijiji is uncaring - but surely not very dog savvy, which make me think that if they don't know how to research breeders, will they know how to raise, feed and train a dog properly.' I find this condescending, if thats the right word. I just wonder why that is necessary and how its helpful. Surely, we are not all born 'dog savvy' and many of us newbies would like to rely on local people in the community who are more knowledgable or at least more experienced. But it is not always easy to find them, or to connect with them -- including for people like us who 'come from away' (not even from someplace else in Canada, but from another country). Certainly copping attitudes like this doesn't help, as far as I am concerned. I didn't already know how to raise, feed, train a dog properly, but I have plenty of love to give them and my lack of experience doesn;t stop me from trying to learn as I go along, including trying to learn about what the local resources are. But here's some more food for thought, one of the places I was looking at when we first started trying to adopt was Celtic Pets before the huge tragedy -- we were doing our research and that was one of the places that seemed reputable, after all it was up on that website Maritime Animal Rescue. How are newbies and 'CFAs' like us supposed to be able to 'know' the good resuces form the bad? The more I learn about living in NS and Halifax with dogs, the more it seems to me that there are a lot of issues for dog owners here to be worried about -- and to come together on, if possible. It will all boil down to building bridges with all kinds of people; not building up walls that separate the 'dog savvy' from the rest of us.

  8. Anonymous11:12 PM

    We took our staffie from the pound bcs she was so sad & gentle. She never barks and shakes in fear at the sound of many cell phones. She has one foot with a ragged scar, a butchered toe, but she's very pretty with a distinctive fur swirl btwn her shoulders. When I met a member of the SPCA board soon after, I learned she'd been rescued from a crack house: She had been under a year, timid as they come, and bore evidence of motherhood and haviing been drugged. Her owner had been arrested, and apparently the SPCA kept her for months until her owner was finally convicted. We cuddled her, taught her to walk on stairs and did water rehab with her when she got shinsplints from running in a small field. She's a wonderful, loving dog, but she hasn't yet recovered from many of her fears, and she will always be a tad 'slow.'

    One day we met her 'breeder,' who recognized the fur marking. He puffed up proudly and claimed that she was absolutely one of his pups - the 'purest' street staffies in Hali. I asked him neutrally if it was challenging to sell them, and if it was a good source of income. He informed that his sales were based on Kijiji and his 'reputation' for breeding nice looking dogs. He said he'd never get rich off it, but he'd keep doing it bcs it was easy, fun and kept him in 'sweet' money. I asked him if he got to know his buyers before he sold them a pup. His proud & emphatic reply was "Hell Yeah! None of my dogs goes just anywhere." That was when my voice ran cold and I asked him just how well he'd known the crack house dealer who had treated her so badly. He looked at me, stunned into silence, before rapidly concluding his business and hustling out the door. Guilt? Maybe. Regret? I doubt it.