Friday, December 4, 2009

Further on the Christmas Shopping - telethon in Amherst

The Lillian Albion Shelter up in Amherst is having a telethon this weekend - I just discovered that they have a blog - which is awesome - it looks like a great blog, and one that I'll be reading regularly from now on, so I'm very happy to have found it! You can check it out at - you can never see too many photos of happily rescued animals as far as I'm concerned.

This telethon sounds like another great way to spend some of our
Christmas shopping money
, that's for sure.


  1. I didn't know they had a blog either - thanks for the info.
    I'll be at their telethon on Sunday - interview between 2.10-2.40 PM

  2. Awesome - my daughter & family live in Amherst - I will send them the blog link!

    Thanks, Joan!