Sunday, October 11, 2009

A danger to pet ownership has appeared locally

Have you ever heard the term of the term "animal abolition"?

If you haven't, you probably should learn it - because there's a local group that has formed and have decided they'd like to share their philosophies here in Halifax.

Animal abolitionists believe that animals - anything non-human - are not here on earth for we human's enjoyment, nourishment, ownership - or for any use whatsoever. We should not eat, watch, have as pets - or do anything whatsoever with animals. We should all become vegans and not have any kind of pets in our homes. And we now have a local group who is following those beliefs.

I found out about the group because of the editorial "Say No to the Rodeo" earlier this week - because funnily enough, the writer of it is a member of the group.

The group is called "Abolishing the Status of Animals
as Property
" and they also have a Facebook page with the same name

They say their mission is - "ASAP Nova Scotia is an all-volunteer, non-profit animal rights organization, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. ASAP is committed to challenging the view that non-human animals exist for human use and raising their status beyond property, commodities, and/or things. ASAP advocates a vegan lifestyle as the most direct and practical way of achieving this goal."

Groups like this scare the bejeezus out of me because I personally could not live without my animals - and I also want to continue to have them as my property, because I believe that I can protect them better as property than if they had some other "status". If they were something other than property - it would perhaps be easier for an animal control department or the government to figure out a way to take them away from me for some frivolous reason - and I don't like that idea at all. And my number one goal is to keep my animals safe. And animal abolitionists are something that also makes me feel unsafe. So beware. They are walking amongst us.


  1. Whenever I hear about people like this, I wonder if they have any foresight to imagine their future, where they (or a loved one) might develop a disability (no service or therapy dogs), get lost (no search & rescue dogs), get killed by the bad guy that got away from the police (no police dogs), etc. (I also wonder just what they think will happen to domesticated animals??)

    They have all the right in the world to make lifestyle decisions for themselves, but they do NOT have the right to do so for me or anyone else.

    I prefer to live in a world where some animals can and do work for our benefit (and their own pleasure), and where dogs and cats live the "Life of Riley" simply being cossetted pets.

    I also wonder if these people don;t actually hate and/or fear the animals they supposedly care so much about...

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    It all makes sense now. Scott is obviously using his position on the SPCA board to push his animal rights agenda. My concern is that his views and desire to push them will be detrimental to the goals the society should be working towards.


  3. Janet Chernin2:17 PM

    Where do we stop with an agenda that wants to abolish the right to caring pet ownership?
    What about those many people that volunteer with their animals to bring a ray of sunshine to those in hospitals, nursing homes etc.? From my experience in participating in Pet Therapy in various venues - my dogs LOVED to visit and be dotted on - and the joy they brought to many 'shut-ins' was extremely gratifying to my dogs and to myself.
    How about those many pet owners that are enjoying time well spent with thier dogs that participate in flyball,agility, earth dogs, lure coarsing, dock diving, herding trails or dance?
    Let's see - do we MASS EUTHANIZE all companion animals?
    It would be better time spent in ensuring that animals are bred by responsible and ethical breeders, that rescue and shelters are supported and adoption encouraged, that petstores, websites that broker animals are shut down. That our government both federal and provincial abolish animals as property and enact laws that would allow for full and comprehensive legislation to ensure the well being of all animals.

    Janet and the Canine Casbah Crew