Friday, September 18, 2009

A new piece of camera equipment = fun for me!

So I've gone and bought a new lens for my fabulous Canon EOS 40D that this coming Christmas I'll have had for 2 years.
It's an image stabilized 18-200mm lens for those of you who have fancy cameras - and I LOVE IT.
Up until now I've only had basically the lens that came with the camera - an 18-55mm lens - although I had switched it up for an image stabilized lens which did make a difference.
I feel like it's okay to talk about this geeky stuff here because this blog is so photographically heavy, so maybe some of the readers appreciate talk about camera specifications - because it's pretty important if you want to get the perfect dog shots - and that's one of the major goals of my life at this point and has been for the last several years - to get the perfect dog wrestling photo! I still can't believe that this photo of Jackie was taken clear across the room from where I was sitting yesterday. Oh, the photos I'm going to be able to take now.
The only drawback to my recent camera upgrades is that the weight of my camera has gone from two pounds to 4 1/2 pounds!
But to be able to get some photos of Buttercup looking beautiful and Bobby looking intelligent -
it will be worth the weight!

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