Friday, September 18, 2009

Coyotes killing cats in Bedford - and Jessica Simpson's Dog!

So it seems that singer Jessica Simpson's beloved dog Daisy was snatched this week by a coyote in Los Angeles California. When I heard that, I couldn't believe it. I could not believe that in a place as crazy as Los Angeles, that something like a coyote could take something as protected and coddled as a malti-poo of a famous singer from her backyard. Really, it's unbelievable - but it's true. I feel very bad for Ms. Simpson, she must be devastated by the inexcplicability of the story.

And then today - here in Halifax - a news story comes out about coyotes snatching cats from our own city - in the area of Bedford - the news story is posted below. Cats are disappearing from that area, and they think coyotes are doing it.

It reminds me of a story the ladies up in Antigonish were telling me when I went to visit them last month - of a bald eagle's nest that fell to the ground near where they live - and the fact that THIRTEEN cat's collars were found in the nest.

So perhaps not just coyotes can be blamed for missing pets when you can't find them - there are other predators that you have to watch out for - if you have bald eagle's nests in your vicinity - you should watch from the air too! Because you know - a lot of cats DON'T wear collars - so how many cats were plucked by that bald eagle family who weren't wearing collars? You have to wonder.

Just one more reason to keep your cats inside, eh? And keep a close eye on your little dogs, too - I would be devastated if something picked up Bobby by it's talons.

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