Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trip to Antigonish

So me and Bobby had a super trip up to Antigonish for a couple days - we got the full meal deal on travelling around and seeing everything.
Our most gracious hosts made sure the first stop we had was the most indulgent thing for me - they had arranged with a fisherman friend of theirs to go to his fishing storage hut and take whatever buoys or whatever I wanted out of his building! Can you imagine? When I walked in there it was like I had died and gone to heaven! This is his fishing boat - it was at Cribbons Point
And this is the hut... I didn't want to impose too much - so I just stood there for awhile and communed with the space, and then left with 3 or 4 buoys that I didn't think he'd notice too much and a little bit of rope
This is my new and current collection of buoys now on my deck. Isn't it a beauty to behold - what a treasure!
Me and Bobby got to meet several great dogs while we were away - this is Nova, who is super photogenic as you can tell - and is another in a long line of dogs who looks fabulous while holding a stuffed toy - she is owned by my hosts Betty and Mary and was just a complete love-bug.
This is Dakota - also a family member of my hosts - and he is a basenji - and he is the first dog I've ever come across who didn't want the full width and breadth of the love I had to give him - so I didn't get a pile of photos of him - but he was very good at softening up Bobby's play style, which was a good thing - by the end of our stay he and Bobby were starting to actually seem to maybe start seeming like they might be starting to play - which was great.
A couple more photos of Nova -
She is such a gentle soul - as a lot of greyhounds are
I had to stick this photo of Bobby in here - he's pretty much soaked here - you'll find out later in the post why - and it's pretty funny, because he absolutely hates water, but he proved to everybody that in fact can "walk on water"!
This is Sliver - a yellow lab who lives with my hosts (Betty's) - sister Anne - he was in the top 1% of friendly yellow labs I'd say!
This is Sante - he's an entelbucher, and only 8 months old - and very sweet!
This was Rick - the farm dog at West River Stock Farm and he seemed to have a pretty much perfect life for a dog, and he seemed to know it too!
Another photos of Nova!

This is Cocoa - he belonged to the fisherman who let me have the buoys - he goes out on the fishing boat everyday with his owner - so he's a pretty salty dog - and perfectly happy too! There's some very lucky dogs up there in Antigonish.
This is one of the barn cats from the West River Stock Farm.
I was so lucky that I got to go to a couple horse farms while I was up in Antigonish - one of my hosts - Mary - has family who owns these farms - so Bobby got to see some horses and roll in horse shit - which has to be the ultimate thing for a dog to do.
I had never actually touched a horse or seen one close up - other than at the Fall Fairs out at the Exhibition Park in the Fall, so this was a pretty neat thing for me.
These horses are all used for racing - this is one of Mary's sisters - Claire, and I don't know if you can see that all 4 feet are off the ground on this horse - if you click on the photo to enlarge it you might be able to see.
Some of the horses out in the pasture

This was the sunset the first night I was there, nice eh?

This was a 2nd horse farm that we went to -
This had a mom and a colt -
And a horse named Cheyenne
We did a drive around what is called "the mini Cape" - and went to a spot called "Arisaig" which was beautiful
I don't think I need to say that Bobby had a fabulous time the whole time we were down in Antigonish - he was completely doted on by my hosts, and he got to go offleash whenever we got to a beach - and he was allowed inside wherever we went - the whole area was completely dog friendly - everybody loves dogs in that area of the province - just as long as you stay away from the district of the municipality of Guysborough of course!
These are a couple shots of the beach at Arisaig - isn't it beautiful?
There wasn't much of a sandy beach here - but just a little bit away there was I'm sure - but it's a great spot for beachcombing, and I guess it's a good spot for fossil hunting.
This place here - by Cribbons Point - is dog friendly - and hopefully I'll get to go back and spend some time here with the dogs - they have cottages and it's by a great beach - it's called "Ocean Front Shanties"
These are a couple shots by Cribbons Point and the Ocean Front Shanties - it's an awesome spot - but all along the "Mini Cape" is beautiful

This is a spot called "Crystal Cliff's" - and it was absolutely amazing - not only is it along the Northumberald Strait - so the water was so warm - it was literally almost as warm as bath water, and because of the sandbars - at low tide, which was when we were there - you could walk out really, really far - there were also some pretty amazing rocks there.

The beach was absolutely empty - and there was white sand, and rocks and it was awesome.This was one of the rocks that I brought home

These are some of pictures of flowers that I took - there were of course a LOT of beautiful flowers at all of the places we visited

Last, but not least are a couple photos of a pool at one of Mary's sister's house - Bobby for some reason decided to jump down into the pool - even though he HATES water - but luckily for him (and much to the dismay of Mary's sister!) - it was onto the pool liner that was rolled out over the pool - and once he was on it, it sort of sunk down a bit so that Bobby was getting wet, and Bobby realized he had made a huge mistake - but down on it he was - and so he figured - "well here I am, what am I going to do now?" - and he decided - well I guess I've got to get to the other side - he had great presence of mind - and that's what he did - he walked all the way over to the other side - and from there he was plucked - so Bobby is now known in Antigonish as the dog who walks on water. And the pool liner is none the worse for wear.
Although I hope that Bobby will stay away from bright blue spaces of shining water now.

Here is the slideshow of all the photos I took - we had such a great time!

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    You take gorgeous photos! Your dogs' personalities shine right through the screen. You should really look towards getting one of those books done with your blogs and photos. Pretty on the screen, but much prettier in print I would think!