Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some eye candy

I don't think too much is happening in the world of mind altering dog politics the last couple of days, so here are a couple photos of the dogs doing what they do best -
and some photos of the beautiful Nova Scotia coastline - this is the incomparable Prospect Bay - which had more humans there today than I've ever seen there before - probably because they were hopeful to see some of the waves that were there because of the storm that passed through last night
And I'm sure no one was disappointed. It was beautiful there. Poor Charlie though was feeling his age and had quite a limp on our walk so we didn't go too far.Bobby was raring to go though, he's got enough energy for all the other dogs combined, plus about 2 or 3 more

This is a shot of the Dingle this morning - I went to a work picnic and Bobby and Buttercup got to go to that - Bobby cleaned up because there were babies there who dropped a lot of their hot dog pieces and buns on the ground - so he was pretty happy with that.
Now this is a monolith of a house that's been being built across from the Dingle park for the last several years and the people who live around it have hated it because of all the construction because it's taken so long and it's also removed the view planes of the Arm for several houses that are valued at a couple million dollars - and those people are pretty justifiably pissed off - so it's been a pretty controversial construction. From far away it looks like it's all done, doesn't it? They've even got a couple ostentatious yachts moored up to add to the look -
But when you look at it close up - there are still several windows that have plywood over them - how long does it take to build a house that looks like a hotel? Man, I'd be pissed if this was my house. It's worth many millions of dollars and it's still got plywood for windows. That must be a real bitch. It makes it look really poor as far as I'm concerned. Really chintzy. I'm glad it's not my house - it's like it's all built and they still don't have the front steps put up. Sucks to be them, I say.
This is Buttercup being beautiful. That's her specialty lately.
These are all photos of flowers that I took down at my brother's house in Shelburne a few days ago.

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