Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tall ships festival here in Halifax today

So I went down to the Tall Ships Festival today - I heard on the television on Friday that they were expecting one million people to go down to the waterfront to see it - and I can believe that those numbers would have shown up if it hadn't have poured rain yesterday - because there was a TON of people down there today. It was hot, humid - and chock-a-block with people this afternoon.
I saw this guy walking his dog in a buggy and it was just too cute and somebody else had stopped him to talk to him so I took a couple pictures - the dogs name is "Flopsy" - and I asked him if he had the dog in the cart because she was too old? And he said no - she's just too lazy!
This was just the moment I arrived at the waterfront - so that was just too cute. There were a ton of dogs down there which was awesome - the people of Halifax really DO want to spend quality time with their dogs - and the dogs were loving it - and a lot of the vendors actually had water bowls down for dogs walking by, which was super to see. I had originally planned on bringing Bobby with me, but I had a meeting to go to previously and my car broke down yesterday so it's currently at Canadian Tire until tomorrow, so blah blah blah - it did not work out - so it was just me and my camera today unfortunately.
Here's a couple shots of our most famous Bluenose II Schooner - the ship that is on our Canadian dime. A lovely little boat.

They also had a big pavillion called "Canada" or something and they have kiosks with all kinds of information about the Canadian government which was really neat - I wonder if it goes all across Canada to different festivals - it was a really good idea if that's what it does - I learned a few things walking through it, that's for sure - so that's always a good thing!
Talking about crowds - it was SO hard - maybe it was just me, I don't know - but I was finding it really hard to take photos of the ships for all the people - these 2 photos are one example - this was a really big boat - and I could NOT get a photo of it without a ton of people in the shot, the best I could was a shot of it with this one woman who just would not move.

This is the same boat with all the crowds going by.
These are shots of a few more boats at the festival - there were 44 tall ships in port altogether.

When I got home, I shared my shopping booty with the dogs - I tried to keep it on the nautical theme as much as possible -

I got Charlie a cute new handerchief with sailboats on it, he always looks so manly with a handerchief on - I'm not sure what he thinks though!
I found these 2 glass buoys at the "Island Beach Company" - it has always been my dream to find these on a beach somewhere - but fishermen don't use them anymore - so I am happy to have found some in a store - I've never them for sale in a store before - and they were only $4.50 each, so I thought that was a great buy!
Would you pay money for a rock that looks like this?
Would you pay money for a rock that looks like that on the outside, but looks like this on the inside? Isn't this neat? It's an amethyst rock! I went to Blomedin once determined that I was going to find some amethyst rock, but I never did - so I will study this rock - and someday I will find me some raw amethyst rock.
I don't have to tell you that like all little dogs - my little dogs felt it was completely unnecessary that they got left behind today - and they told me so in no uncertain terms when I got home.

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