Friday, July 31, 2009

My Video about why Nova Scotia is the best place to live is now available for voting!

With a lot of help from the IT people at - the video I made about why I think Nova Scotia is the best place to live - is now live and available for voting at the "I Love Nova Scotia" Contest Site!

I'm sure it will never overtake the other contestants who've been up previously - but it would be neat to have a dog video get some hits and interest in the tourism website - it's always been my dream to have Nova Scotia become a destination for dog tourism - so to have a totally dog focused video on the site is wonderful - and the fact that they worked hard to get it there is super wonderful.

So go vote - and vote often! haha!

And if you feel moved to forward the site on to other people who might enjoy watching it and voting for it - and spreading the good word about how wonderful Nova Scotia is - feel free to do that too!

The web site is at

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