Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look what we saw at Point Pleasant Park this morning!

So exciting! We met Sarah at Point Pleasant Park this morning! She's a littermate of Charlie's that was at the Dartmouth SPCA back in October 2008 that had come in through Animal Control. We met up right at the entrance to the park and I think I completely freaked out her owner because I knew her name (Sarah's name) and where she had come from.
We talked for quite awhile, the lady was very nice and indulgent to me and I gave her my information - so I hope she emails me - she said it would be neat to meet Charlie - so I really hope she does. I wrote about Sarah last October when I found out about her at the shelter, and then when she was adopted. She really is a beautiful dog - just like the rest of the dogs in her litter.
The little dogs had a great time at the park this morning
Jackie especially seemed to be on fire, which was nice to see
He even seemed to be smiling a lot of time - people were singling him out and going up to him to pet him - and he was even being nice to people! haha! Only once did he chase one dog down because he tried to impolitely sniff his bum and Jackie took exception to that.
Bobby is continuing to do really well off-leash - I let him go with a long line for the first little while to see how he did - but he stayed right with us, so I let him go and he continued to do well and loved running around - and I think he even initiated play with one dog - to get him to start a game of chase, which was super.
We spent a bit of time down by the water because that's my favourite spot, and it gave the dogs a minute to rest, and Buttercup appreciated the time out.
Jackie saw it as an opportunity to ask for treats
And then couldn't understand why he wasn't getting any - I've put him on a diet because he has gotten very round, but he thinks he's quite perfect, which he really is.
Yea! A shot with all 3 in the photo!
A little dog named Bonnie who could run really fastA passerby dog...
Jackie looking inquisitive - "is that something dark brown in your hand?"
One of the most recognizable faces at Point Pleasant Park - Alice!
One of Buttercup's oldest friends - Duffy!

And if you're looking for stuff to do - I've updated the sidebar on my "Charlie loves Halifax" main page with upcoming events - so there may be a couple things there that picque your interest for the coming weeks - you should go check it out!! I'll be adding a few more things in the coming days as I get a few minutes as well....

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  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    OMG, Joan, so nice to see Sarah again! I remember your original post about her and her sad eyes. The pictures between then and now are like night and day! I'm so glad she found a great home.