Monday, July 20, 2009

10 year reunion for Charlie and his brother Solie

In February 1999 I adopted Charlie from the Dartmouth SPCA - at the same time Jeanne adopted Solie from the Dartmouth SPCA. It just so happened that on the same day - we both took our dogs in to Carnegy Animal Hospital 3 months later to have them neutered - so we found out that each other existed - and then a couple months after that, we met up at Point Pleasant Park, and have stayed in contact ever since. We've had tons of fun ever since - and I think Solie and Charlie have too!
On Monday we met up again and went for a walk in the woods behind my house and I took a few (okay, a ton!) of photos - and it still continues to amaze me how much all the dogs from this family look exactly alike. Here Solie is totally looking like his sister Leonard who I used to have when I was married - and who now lives with her "father" in TorontoThis was Leonard - she was ball crazy

These are some shots of Solie on our walk at one of the watery spots - can you tell I live very close to a very nice spot to walk?

This is a shot of Daisy thrown in - most people think that Charlie is a rottie mix - but Daisy is the only one with any rottie in her - Charlie is 1/2 sheltie and 1/2 lab!

Who is this, is it Charlie? Or is it Solie......

There were 12 dogs in the litter - here is Solie, Charlie and Leonard back when they were much younger - both Charlie and Solie came from the SPCA - and Leonard came from an ad from the newspaper when she was 7 week's old. I've told the story before, so I won't bore everyone here.
Just about everyone from the litter has ended up in rescue - as is typical of back yard breeders - this is Sarah - who was at the Dartmouth SPCA last year

Philip was a dog who was dear to my heart - he had been deemed unadoptable and was going to be killed at the Dartmouth SPCA, but I was able to adopt him - he'd been chained his whole life - and had the most beautiful, gentle soul. He found a home in Berwick and lived for 3 wonderful years with a wonderful loving family and died last year. He was a good dog.
I met Zorro at Point Pleasant Park once, and then somebody found this sign on a store in Dartmouth - another victim of disposable petdom - I hope he found a good home.

Beethoven was also at the Dartmouth SPCA - brought in through Animal Control - and found a good home - he was smaller than Leonard - whenever a dog has come in through the SPCA I've always left my contact information - maybe someday we'll have a reunion, that would be neat.
I met Conrad at Point Pleasant Park - I was walking Charlie and Leonard and my head was down and I looked up and all of the sudden there was 2 Leanard's! It was so weird! And it turned out that Conrad and his Dad went to Seaview everyday - so when I started going there everyday too I got to know him and his Dad really well - so that was really good.

If you're interested in reading - I wrote a post in 2005 about "designer dogs" - because Charlie and the rest of his litter actually qualify as them because they are the product of 2 purebred dogs - a shetland sheepdog and a yellow lab - and why the business is so useless - and shown by this litter of dogs - it's at

This is a slideshow of the photos I took on Monday if you're so inclined -


  1. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I think I can tell Solie from Charlie -- she has a white strip across her nose.

    The story of that litter is so amazing. I still can't get over how big it was! Poor mom!


  2. that is quite a story. oh yes ! i can certainly tell them apart! but they are GORGEOUS--i really love Charlie and sometimes i forget to say it because-- well lets face it when you put buttercup in the mix with anyone she is going to be the star, but Charlie is special, his soul shines through for sure.