Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday morning frolic

This morning the dogs were out in the backyard having a good time
Well actually - Buttercup wasn't too sure it was worth getting her feet wet for - she's in the background here at the top of the steps

And Jackie just looked on from above with his disapproving one cloudy good eye

Charlie thought it was a good time
Daisy tries to have a good time out of even the worst circumstances - she's been through a lot in her life
And she figures anything can be solved with a good deep play bow
And Bobby likes to run and bark
And run fast with things in his mouth and attempt to bark at the same time
And then run and bark some more
And run and bark

I think you get the idea


  1. i didn't realize how small bobby was!! or maybe it is that Charlie is so big. Jack looks awesome in his disapproval--hehehehe!!!

  2. Bobby is pretty small - toy poodles are only around 9-12 pounds or so, and Buttercup is probably around 16 pounds, and Jack is a good 22-25 pounds. He's a real heiffer. And he is an expert at the disapproving looks, that's for sure - and add in his huffing barks - and he's got the 90 pound rottweiller and the 90 pound lab mix running to the other end of the house in fear. He's funny!


  3. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Been on Facebook lately?
    People are watching.

  4. What does that mean that people are watching? Does this mean I'm famous? Or that idiots think they're important?