Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today was the NS SPCA's Alley Cat Bowling Tournament

Today was the NS SPCA's Alley Cat Bowl at the Halifax Shopping Centre's Fairlane's Bowling Lanes - and for the first time they held it, the organizers thought they did really well - and everyone there agreed with them!
This is Brosa, who I think has appeared on the blog before - I can't remember if she or he is a boy or girl - we'll call her a girl for now - she came into rescue when she was only a couple days old and if you can't tell has a hair lip and was bottle fed down in Cape Breton by Lee Anne Tibbo and when she was ready came up here to Halifax to be fostered by Lisa Davis - who has recently adopted her. There's a ton of photos and video of her on Facebook - because as you can see - she's very photogenic! You can also see she's being trained with the very user friendly clicker leash!

This photo is the #1 fund raiser Kathy Mercer winning the Alley Cat Bowling trophy for being the highest fund raiser for the event - the day raised $3,400 for the SPCA - which was awesome, and Global Pet Foods was a major sponsor which helped out a lot - Kathy was also the high scorer in bowling for the day. I'd say I was pretty much near the bottom - although they announced at one point that the next 3 people to get a "spare" would get a door prize - and I wanted to go home with a prize - so I focused my Buddhist ass and got myself a spare - and I got a beautiful dog blanket. I am however, too lazy tonight to take a photo of it - so I'll have to take a photo of it later.

This is Lisa and Brosa being perfect with their clicker leash
This is my friend Maureen who was on my team bowling right down the middle to raise her scrore right up to mediocre! HAHA!
This is another memmber of my team, Joan - taking a second to bowl in between trying to control everything that was going on in the bowling alley - she unfortunately failed abysmally at controlling me and Janet though - so she had a very stressful couple of hours today. But she went home to some really lovely and beautiful and loving dogs and I'm sure right now is in the bosom of a lot of love. She also won a prize for bowling a spare - but that's because she's a good bowler.
This was a very cute dog - I believe he was a puggle. They had dogs bowling today which was very cute to see - and I think they had fun - they were all agility and flyball dogs - so they were used to being in very high activity places and didn't appear to be stressed at all - I wish I would've known - I would've have brought Magic Bob - he would have loved to come and try to hump all these dogs.
This is Amy and her dog Gracie - who are very old hands at agility, flyball and all things fun.
A long shot of all the bowlers having fun.
This is Janet trying to make sure the bowling ball goes forward and not backwards towards the spectators.
This is another shot of Gracie - showing that the dogs actually were bowling!


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Way to go Kathy! She's a former colleague of mine at the Herald and I know she hit employees at the paper up hard for contributions.


  2. Wow! Look at Brosa, I can't believe how much she has grown!
    Last and only time I saw her, she was but a few days old, wrapped in a blankie, in a cardboard box!
    Thanks so much for such great pics of her. Kudos to Lisa for adopting Brosa!

    Good job on the bowling tournament-it looks like everyone had a pawsome time!

  3. LMAO! Brosa's a boy!!!! Despite my efforts to change him (HAHA). Soon enough he'll be a couple of appendages less though. But no, the tube feeding every 2 hours was well worth it. He's a happy and healthy loved pooch now and a social butterfly.

  4. Janet Chernin12:45 PM

    Brosa is a boy - winka - but is some cute no matter what sex! Hoping Brosa can come over for a playdate with Maximo again!
    For the amount of folk at the event is was a HUGE SUCCESS...they raised 3,400.00 - yipeeee
    Kudo's to Kathy and all the hard work done by the volunteers - and I loved the trophy that Craig P made!
    Achin in my bacon from Bowling today - but had a great time!
    Janet and the Canine Casbah Crew

  5. Yes, Brosa is most definitely a boy. :) I may have to change his name to Hercules or something just so there is no mistake in the future, lol! Many people have the impression that he's a girl.

    Everyone spends so much time admiring his sweet face that they don't look at the other end, ha ha! He does indeed have two little balls that will be removed this summer when he will also (probably) have his mouth repaired.

    Brosa has a hare lip and a cleft palate - his palate miraculously closed up for the most part when he was between 10 and 12 weeks old, except for 2 holes located inside in the front and back.

    FYI - today, May 12, 2009, he is 24 weeks old and weighs 31.5 lbs. :)

    Brosa would love to come play with Maximo at Janet's, and Daisy and company at Joan's someday soon!