Sunday, May 10, 2009

NS Homeless Pets Will Be Back Soon!

I had an email from the daughter of the lady who works tirelessly for the homeless and abandoned pets of Nova Scotia - Janet Young - she does the website "NS Homeless Pets" - and her daughter emailed me to say that Janet's computer died today and that Janet is going to be buying a new computer, but until she gets it up and running - Janet is going to be offline.

Janet also has the fabulous blog "Reigning dogs and cats" that is a staple of a lot of our daily surfing - so we'll all be waited with baited breath for her to get her new computer.

This is probably good news for Janet because now she'll have a shiny brand new computer with all kinds of speed and ram and hard drive space to do new wonderful stuff - let's just hope she's able to get all her data off her old computer before it went tits up. That would suck if she lost stuff. Me, I'm paranoid about data so I've got several external drives that I'm always backing up to. They're so cheap these days, the world would be so much poorer if the 54,000 or so photos that I've taken of my dogs were lost forever, wouldn't it?

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  1. New computer! Woohoo she must be excited!!
    You are right - external hard drives are awesome. I too have a million and one pictures of my dogs LOL