Saturday, May 16, 2009

Silvia Jay comes to meet Bobby!

Today I was lucky enough to have Silvia Jay come over and meet Magic Bob and see the rest of the dogs.
She came to give me some tips because because Bobby is a bossy dog who doesn't seem to have any kind of boundaries put on him before - but at the same time he's really super smart, so he's going to turn into a great dog with the right kind of attention, and I want to make sure that I give him that.
So Silvia came and gave me tons of great ideas like only Silvia can, we are so lucky to have her here.
Daisy though, had to make sure we all knew that she was completely perfect in every way already! haha!
She's the most beautiful dog in the world, isn't she?

After we were done at the house we went down to Point Pleasant Park for a walk with her dogs Davie and Will - so we had a good time down there - I think everyone's gone away for the weekend though, because there weren't very many dogs or people there.
It was my first walk out in public with Bobby and he did super - although it was on leash - I don't think he'll be off leash anywhere for a good long time since he's proved that he likes to run away when he's in the neighbourhood - his whole "you can't catch me!" when he escaped through a hole in my fence really freaked me out. I am too old to chase a dog.
He didn't seem to mind being on-leash though, so that was good - this photo shows the asses of Davie and Will - Silvia's dog Will is famous - he's the subject of the book Silvia wrote called "Dump Dog" - it's an excellent book if you ever want to read a really good dog book.
This is Charlie near the end of the walk - we walked a bit too long for his old-dog body.
This is a front-on shot of the famous-dog Will. It was a great day for the dogs, and for me! I learned a ton of stuff, and I hope that I'll benefit from it and don't waste it.

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  1. I can't wait to meet Magic Bob - are you bringing him to the dog park tomorrow morning?

    I like the new layout/background!