Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unite for Hunger and Hope

A few weeks ago I joined a blogger community, and one of the neat things was that you can join up with 1000's of other bloggers around the world - and on the same day, write a blog post about the same thing.

So even though we may have blogs about very divergent topics - we can all give our own particular voices about important ideas and spread the word about things that can change the world - maybe in one day, and April 29th bloggers from around the world are writing about world hunger - we're all "uniting for hunger and hope"

I thought I'd write about a website I found this week after someone forwarded me a cute video of "smiling dogs" that was about the dogs at the Best friends Sanctuary in Utah - the video is at

I'm always a person to follow backlinks, so I went to and saw that it's a website for selling bracelets to raise money for different charities - one for animal cruelty - and that money goes to Best Friend's - but they also have a section for ending world hunger.

That section of the website is at and helps the organization "The Hunger Project" - which their website says "empowers people to end their own hunger" - which sounds pretty good to me. So beautify yourself, and end world hunger. And keep the economy moving at the same time. Its all good.

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