Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Animal League Defence Fund Free Book and website

I found the exceptionally awesome website Animal League Defence League website yesterday, although I think I have probably been there before.

Right now they have a book that you can download for free - it's called "Animal Protection Laws of the United States of America and Canada" - I downloaded it and it's huge - like 3,400 pages or something ridiculous like that, and it literally has every animal protection law of every State and province, and what's neat about it is that it sets the same perameters for every area - like whether the province or state has a dogfighting law or bsl or whatever.

Another SUPER interesting thing there is a report - 2008 CANADIAN ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS RANKINGS - a report that ranks our Canadian provinces from best to worst in terms of our animal protection laws. The best is Manitoba and the worst is Ontario - what a surprise, eh? What's also surprising is that Nova Scotia is like third. With the paltry sentences given out lately by our court system - one would have thought that our animal cruelty laws would have been pretty lax. I guess compared to American law, we're pretty shitty - but compared to Canadian provinces - we're not too bad - but click on the report - it's pretty neat.

If you're interested in animal law though - you should go check out the site - there's just a ton of stuff there. All killer - no filler, as they say.

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