Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring has officially sprung in the HRM

Spring has officially come to the HRM and the dogs are loving it
We went for a walk today and the dogs had a great time
Charlie and Daisy were running through the woods looking for cats or squirrels or whatever it is they're always looking for and never find
Buttercup was in a good mood too, which always makes me enjoy the walk 1000 times moreI always think this is neat when I see this in a photo I've taken - a reflection of me in Jackie's eye - you can also see a divet in Jack's eye from last summer when he injured his eye somehow and got an ulcer on his eyeball - that was not a good time for him and we were worried he was going to totally lose the vision in his good eye - luckily he came through it and can still see his food bowl which is good enough for him

Even close-ups are good for him
She is just so photogenic, it's impossible to take a bad photo of her.
Jack too is easy to get photos of because he's always trying to get liver out of my pocket - so he's always willing to work a bit

And when they're both in the photo - perfection!

See what I mean?

But Daisy's always perfect!

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