Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gail Benoit gets jail time

This is wonderful - Gail Benoit is actually going to jail - and she's got a ban on owning animals until her next court date for cruelty to animals. Finally - her words - "I'm going to always sell puppies" - are maybe not going to come to fruition here in Nova Scotia for her and for other people who treat sentient beings the way she and her husband have -

Gail Benoit gets jail time

April 9, 2009

A woman convicted of animal cruelty and assault will spend 21 days in jail. The sentencing of Gail Benoit happened in Digby Court this morning, and Benoit passed out when she heard the ruling. Benoit and her husband Dana Bailey, who was also convicted on animal cruelty charges, have been fined and are prohibited from owning animals for the next 8 months, pending their trial on more animal cruelty charges.
The two who were selling puppies were charged after several of the dogs they sold died from Parvo Virus. Bailey became very loud upon hearing the ruling, and had to be escorted out of the courthouse by the RCMP. Benoit was sentenced to jail time because it's her third assault conviction.

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  1. Awesome stuff!!!!!!!!

    Did u happen to catch the ctv news coverage ?

    a few videos found on you tube today of out side the court room: