Friday, March 27, 2009

Some stuff going around

So my lack of blogging may be an indication that I am still not up to snuff on the health front.These are a bunch of photos that I've taken in the last week or so - even though I've been under the weather the dogs have all been perfectly fine, playing around and being their normal selves - so that all continues to be meticulously documented more or less - but it just isn't getting put on the internet.
I've had the strangest feeling of not feeling compelled to be on the computer - so I must be sick!
But as you can see, the dogs continue to be cute as hell.
Jackie and Buttercup are going to the beauty parlour tomorrow - Jack is getting a hair cut and Buttercup is getting a bath - so after tomorrow Jack will be looking very beautiful again for a little while - right now he's got a nice hum going -
I have never met a dog who can get so stinky simply from letting his hair grow - and he is NOT the kind of a dog that you can give a bath to. Neither of our lives is long enough to try and give him a bath. No thank you.Here's a couple shots of Daisy - I could take 20 shots of this to get one good shot - isn't this always the way?
Charlie as usual - is always perfect. See below for some more perfect CharlieWe did get out on the weekend and the dogs had a good time.
The snow is never going to go away I think, the only one who seems to mind is Jackie because his penis is so low to the ground.
But everyone else seems to still enjoy getting out.
Jack plays along though as long as the liver trail continues.These were some photos from a couple days ago in the living room while some naps were going on.... napping is good.

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