Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some good news some bad news som miscellany

First off for the advertisement - these photos are of a dog named Rocky. I've met Rocky several times over the years - at the Halifax Commons, on the sidewalk, out on walks, etc. He is a lovely dog and I feel sick that his owners are doing this to him. I got the following email tonight -
Sorry for the mass email but I have a bit of an urgent situation on my hands with one of my dog walking clients. Rocky needs a new home without children. He is generally a fabulous dog whom I love very much. If there was any room at the inn, he would be here. If you know of anyone who may be interested in adopting Rocky, please pass this information along. There will be no adoption fee required - his family just wants what is best for him. Following is a short bio on Rocky but words and pictures really don't do this boy justice. He is a loving soul who just needs patience and understanding.Rocky is a great dog for an adult-only home. He is generally very laid back and affectionate, rides well in the car, gets along well with other dogs and lives with a cat without issue. He is about ten-years-old but in very good health (weighs about 60lbs) and has lovely energy when he is out for a walk. He is excellent off-leash with a great recall. Rocky is protective over his food and occasionally exhibits some handling issues when he is feeling insecure and will snap and make contact if he feels threatened. He has left welts and scratches but nothing severe except one incident when a young child who is not dog savvy hugged him while he was near some food and he did bite her lip which required stitches. Rocky has many redeeming qualities and unfortunately his family has a young child who does not understand Rocky's issues so he is looking for a home without children where his space will be respected when necessary. He loves being patted and getting belly rubs on a regular basis. Rocky is truly in his golden years and hopefully he will find someone who will want to share them with him.

Thanks for your help in finding Rocky a new home! If anyone is interested they can contact me at

This is Don and his dog Cody - they are spread quite liberally through my "Charlie loves Halifax" website because they have been to, and discovered so many dog friendly places in the HRM - and Don and Cody also take part in the "Therapeutic Paws of Canada Program" - I talk about it on the main page of Charlie's website.

The following are a couple photos taken at the Canine Casbah last night - this is a picture of me and Buttercup that was taken because my friend Janet didn't know how to use my camera and she just clicked into the air - so none of us knew she had actually taken a photo! But as it happened - the camera had been pointed in my direction - and you get to see where Buttercup gets to sit when she goes visiting at other people's multi-dog households! haha!This is Janet with her beautiful and quickly growing puppy - Maximo - he is gorgeous, and about 3 months old now.
This is Shelly and her dog Grady.
This is Buttercup on the dining table feeling entirely deserted because I had gotten up to take a photo of some dog other than her, and she was not enjoying the sensation.

Do you remember me talking about Jacques? He'd been at the Dartmouth SPCA for like 6 months - he's finally found a home! Below are some photos of him with his new family. I hope he has lots and lots of years of a really active and loving life.

There is a new local dog politics blog! Scott Millar - a law student active in local SPCA and dog politics stuff, has started his own dog politics blog, and I can't wait to see what kind of great things he is going to write about and stories he'll direct us towards - just today he had some great photos of 2 different dogs from one city in Korea. One is a pet dog and one is a food dog, showing the dichotomy that different cultures can have regarding canines - that is such an interesting topic -

So last is the bad news - for me, anyway. I thought I was being smart tonight - even though my laptop that I'm using is new - with 4 dogs and a cat - my keyboard is kind of full of hair, because I'm always using it with dogs laying on top of me all the time, and I also tend to eat while I'm on the computer, and for some reason - I also like honey. You can imagine - those things do NOT go together - and tonight I thought I could improve my keyboard if I vacuumed the keyboard - with my fabulous Dyson vacuum cleaner.


I sucked off the "X" key, so I am going to have to take the laptop in to Staples tomorrow to see if my warranty covers replacing the key - and I don't imagine I'll get the laptop back immediately - so I may be offline for - I have no idea how long. I am afraid to think about it. So this may be my last post for a couple days. All because of my fabulous vacuum cleaner, some honey, and some dog hair.

Who would have thought?


  1. Poor Rocky. Ten years old????
    I hope he finds his new FOREVER home soon.
    Hurray for Jacques! Looks like he is having a blast :)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Joan! And thanks for another great post. I suspect that with your help it won't be long before Rocky finds a home.

  3. OH Buttercup stop melting my heart into a puddle of MUSH!!!! Yay for Jacque--such great news--it looks like he has a wonderful new family and new friends to play with!

  4. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Great post Joan - and though I could be a mushy about Jacques and Rocky - I have to thank you for mishap with your puter! Thanks for the 'I have to pee me pants' moment!

    Janet and the Casbah Crew

  5. Anonymous9:28 PM

    A Sad Note:
    A little birdy just told me Jacque was returned on Sunday. Though the good thing is it wasnt his fault, one of the other dogs was having issues.