Monday, March 2, 2009

English Bull Terrier saying "Momma"

I'm putting this video here just for my friend Janet - but I know there's tons more who will love this as well - enjoy!


  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I am such a FAILURE in teaching my Bullies to do anything like that - Oreo loved to play dead and be dressed up as a bumblebee & Pickle loves to suck ears !!!
    Heavens their are some great Bullies out there


    Casbah Crew rules winka

  2. THat is great! I love bull terriers. There was a miniature BT at the dog expo with a little pink collar and I thought she was one of the prettiest dogs there. It was ther first time I saw a real life one ;-)

  3. Jaime White10:56 PM

    Hey there....I believe you saw my MIMZY...=) and yes she is beautiful in every way....I love her to pieces, and btw she isn't a miniature, she's a standard, she's almost 50lbs. now and still a pup. Bullies are the best dogs out there. (IMO) "If it's not a bull terrier it's not a dog!" lol